Robotics on the agenda for CES 2018

The Segway Loomo. — AFP pic
The Segway Loomo. — AFP pic

LAS VEGAS, Nov 2 — With two months to go until the next CES, which runs January 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas, the event's organisers have revealed some of the robotics specialists who could grab headlines at the upcoming edition.

Whether they're at the concept stage, securing funding or ready to come to market, all of their inventions seek to improve day-to-day lives in some way. Here are three examples.

A handy personal assistant

Known for its famous self-balancing scooter, Segway's Loomo is an advanced robot transporter with onboard artificial intelligence for all kinds of new uses. In fact, Loomo can navigate independently as well as follow and monitor a specific user as they move around, communicate with them or a predefined third person and follow voice commands. Whether in a business setting or as a helper for the elderly, Loomo shows how technology and robotics can assist humans and help improve their daily lives. Loomo can, in fact, adapt to any environment.

Check out Loomo in this video:


A sleep companion

A good night's sleep is essential for being at your best all day long. Somnox is the ideal companion to help ensure a restful night. This little cushion, which users cuddle at night, houses a robot capable of analyzing and promoting sleep. As well as recording a host of data, such as heart rate, all night long, Somnox adjusts various onboard parameters to help boost sleep quality. It can even play lullabies or white noise to help you drift off.

Check out Somnox in this video:


A self-cleaning litter box

Pets aren't being left out of the tech industry's latest developments. The Litter-Robot is an automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats. Thanks to a patented sifting system, cat owners no longer have to scoop litter and separate waste. Plus, cats get an enclosed and pleasant space in which to do their business in a calm and clean environment. The device is suitable for cats of all sizes.

Check out the Litter-Robot in this video:

Robotics isn't the only theme on the agenda at CES 2018.

Other hot topics include the future of "smart" cities in the era of 5G (coming in 2020), as well as sport, which this year gets a special zone for related exhibitors, from wearables manufacturers to TV broadcasters.

CES runs January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas. Website: — AFP-Relaxnews

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