First look at Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ series (VIDEO)

Screenshot of Marvel's 'Runaways' series.
Screenshot of Marvel's 'Runaways' series.

LOS ANGELES, Oct 29 — Marvel’s Runaways is a new series featuring a group of misfit teenagers who find out that their parents work as a supervillain faction called The Pride, and so run away from home.

However, they then discover that they have each inherited powers from their parents and so come up with a plan to take their baddie parents down.

This comic series was published by Marvel way back in 2003 but has taken a surprisingly long time to get a screen adaptation.

Fortunately, Hulu and the Gossip Girl team of Stephanie Savage and Jose Schwartz have taken up the challenge and as such, we’ve got a new series to look forward to.

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