Qantas CEO Joyce tops global LGBT executive list

New Qantas CEO Alan Joyce attends a news conference in central Sydney July 28, 2008 Reuters
New Qantas CEO Alan Joyce attends a news conference in central Sydney July 28, 2008 Reuters

SYDNEY, Oct 27 — Qantas Airways Ltd chief executive officer Alan Joyce, credited with helping revive the faltering Australian carrier, has earned another accolade: He’s nabbed the top spot among 100 executives who champion LGBT rights.

Joyce, who is openly gay, “is a passionate advocate for LGBT+ rights and speaks often about the importance of equality, diversity,” according to the list complied by OUTstanding, a professional network for LGBT+ executives and their allies, and the Financial Times.

“He has also taken a very public stance in campaigning in favor of marriage equality as a fundamental human rights issue.”

Though that public stance has drawn some ire — the CEO was hit in the face with a pie for supporting same-sex unions during a speech earlier this year — Joyce, 51, has vowed he won’t be silenced on the issue.

He has also personally donated A$1 million (RM3,234,776) to a campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia. The result of a nationwide postal ballot on the issue is due on November 15, with several polls suggesting the “Yes” campaign is winning the argument.

The following executives round out the top 10 list:

Stacey Friedman, general counsel, JPMorgan Chase & Co,

Jim Fitterling, chief operating officer for Material Sciences, DowDuPont Inc,

Gigi Chao, executive vice chairman, Cheuk Nang (Holdings) Ltd,

Dr Vivienne Ming, managing partner, Socos LLC,

Inga Beale, CEO, Lloyd’s of London,

  Martine Rothblatt, CEO, United Therapeutics Corp,

Jan Siegmund, chief financial officer, ADP

Dr Siobhan Martin, executive director — HR UK & Ireland, and

Mercer David Hynam, CEO, Bupa UK — Bloomberg

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