The theocratic threat to our Constitution and our democracy — Tawfik Ismail

OCT 15 — The danger in Jakim preacher Zamihan’s video is not just the inflammatory racial slurs on the non-Muslims, specifically non-Malay non-Muslims, but the dare he threw to the constitutional monarchs and the elected government of the day to make him a martyr for the Islamo-Fascist agenda.

This agenda, from his own mouth and as a Jakim officer, is to replace the monarchical system with a theocracy when he dismissed and belittled the Sultan of Johore’s decree on the Muar laundrette.  It was reinforced a few days later when the Deputy Minister in charge of Jakim publicly declared it was Barisan Nasional’s goal to create an Islamic State in Malaysia, ignoring the Constitution as well as ignoring what many in East Malaysia believe to be the Secular foundation upon which Malaysia was formed. He erroneously declared it was Umno’ agenda for the last 60 years, ignoring the secularism of Umno’s leaders till Umno’s demise in 1988.

The means of implementing this has been to test the limits of the relationship between the Monarchs and the Government. Something as innocuous as renaming the main roads after the Sultans was not to flatter them, but to do it as a fait accompli without their consent. If the Government could get away with this the next step is to erode their powers over religion. If the Rulers resist, then a Zamihan type assault would come into play to test the waters.  There is no need here to rehash the Kassim Ahmad episode where jurisdiction is ignored and harassment becomes the means of punishment. No need to repeat Jawi’s heartless response when after Kassim’s demise, Jawi declared it had no further interest in the case, as though Kassim’s death was the end they sought. What more the vigilantism practiced by catching sons for khalwat with their mothers, or married couples caught for legitimately being together?

The above actions not only alarm ordinary citizens but also undermines the institution of Rulers, for is it not in their name that such actions are taken? In fact is it the case of the tail wagging the dog when Zamihan is summoned by his superiors to explain himself, as though Jakim had no control over its officers? Is it also the same in the Mustafa Aykol case where the officers act of their own accord in the mistaken belief they are “protecting the image of Islam” when the end result to the world at large is to demean and diminish the beauty of Islam, and belittling the warmth and hospitality that Malays are known for?

I suggest that the Conference of Rulers among themselves appoint a Privy Council to advise them on constitutional issues and reassert their powers over Religion to thwart any attempt by stealth by the Islamo-fascists to impose a theocracy. It is time for the Sultans to assert their authority over religion as His Majesty the Sultan of Johore has done. The Cabinet, members of Parliament and the civil service have sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, and those who openly defy the constitution like Zamihan should be punished not just for sedition, but also for treason against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the people of Malaysia.

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