Video game releases: ‘Gran Turismo Sport,’ ‘WWE 2K18,’ ‘South Park,’ ‘Elex’

PlayStation 4 race fans have been waiting four years for ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ to arrive. — AFP Relaxnews pic
PlayStation 4 race fans have been waiting four years for ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ to arrive. — AFP Relaxnews pic

LOS ANGELES, Oct 15 — PlayStation 4 racing game “Gran Turismo Sport” and the PS4, Xbox One and PC releases in sports wrestling sim “WWE 2K18,” sharply satirical “South Park: The Fractured But Whole,” and atypical open world adventure “Elex” all arrive on October 17, with a 20th Anniversary edition of “Age of Empires” on PC dropping later the same week.

Gran Turismo Sport

For PS4

From October 17

Focusing in on competitive motor racing and offering three modes — qualification and race-based Sports, challenge-based Campaign, and quick access Arcade — it brings 177 vehicles and 19 tracks for the franchise’s PS4 debut, plus a livery editor, photo mode, and digital brand-based histories museum.

WWE 2K18

For PS4, XBO, WinPC, Nintendo Switch

From October 17

The WWE’s athletic performances return for another annual bout, this time fronted by SummerSlam 2017 tag team titleholder Seth Rollins. Featuring eight-wrestler matches (on PS4, XBO and PC), a new carrying system, and adjustments to Royal Rumble matches.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

For PS4, XBO, WinPC

From October 17

Sequel to a well-received role-playing adventure (about role-playing adventures) featuring the characters and style of the long-running TV show; this second game has a superhero movie theme, with South Park’s kids split into two opposing forces.


For PS4, XBO, WinPC

From October 17

An open world action adventure which, as a result, means inevitable comparisons to “Skyrim” and “The Witcher 3,” this one’s both sci-fi and medieval fantasy, on a faction-split planet recovering from a massive meteor impact that introduces a new and powerful element.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition

For Windows 10 PCs

From October 19

Classic 1997 real-time strategy that focuses on combat and civilization-building through four distinct historical ages — Stone, Tool, Bronze and Iron. Graphics, sound, and UI have been updated for modern computers.

Fire Emblem Warriors

For Nintendo Switch, 3DS

From October 20

Takes a handful of original characters joined by a slew of guests from across the existing turn-based “Fire Emblem” strategy franchise and puts them into the action-oriented, few-versus-many historical battlefield recreation of the “Dynasty Warriors” games. Previous crossovers for “The Legend of Zelda” (“Hyrule Warriors”) and “Berserk” (“Berserk and the Band of the Hawk”) were well received.

— AFP Relaxnews

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