‘Haunted Hotel’ raises spectre of a night’s stay at Genting’s Amber Court

The cast and crew of ‘Haunted Hotel’. — CinemaOnline pic
The cast and crew of ‘Haunted Hotel’. — CinemaOnline pic

PETALING JAYA, Oct 12 — Putting a twist on promoting Malaysia to tourists, director Ryon Lee opts to use horror to seal the deal.

The Haunted Hotel director chooses to place focus on one of Malaysia’s most famous haunted attractions, Amber Court, to lure tourists over to our country.

“I wanted to introduce Malaysia to the world. We have seen many movies showcasing our beautiful islands like Pulau Redang, but when I saw horror films such as Hong Kong’s House that Never Die that draw people over to their haunted attractions, I was inspired to do so the same,” said Lee during the press conference of Haunted Hotel at MBO The Starling on Tuesday.

“I feel like after this movie, a lot of people on social media will be flocking to Malaysia, especially Genting. I even heard that there are two tourists coming over from China today and are heading to Amber Court for a stay tomorrow,” producer Aron Koh added.

After learning that Amber Court came out as the top pick for Asia’s most haunted hotel on China’s microblogging website Sina Weibo, both the director and producer are intrigued to make a movie about it, and thus Haunted Hotel is born.

Combining the talents from Malaysia, China and Thailand, along with the latter’s specialty in horror effects, the movie tells the horrifying adventures of young Chinese couple Ling and Jun who unknowingly ends up staying in Amber Court’s famous 1174 room.

Filmed in the actual Amber Court, the movie will open in China today. Other countries such as Hong Kong and Thailand will also be distributing the film, with Indonesia currently showing interest in it.

Previously known as Haunted Road 2, the movie stars Thailand’s Aom Sushar and China’s Li Chuan, as well Malaysia’s Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong and Nadia Aqilah.

Be wary while booking a hotel; a lesson audiences will learn as Haunted Hotel opens in local cinemas on October 19. — CinemaOnline

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