‘Young Sheldon', ‘The Good Doctor' and ‘Will & Grace' are fall's big winners

'Young Sheldon' is a 'Big Bang Theory' spinoff. — AFP pic
'Young Sheldon' is a 'Big Bang Theory' spinoff. — AFP pic

LOS ANGELES, Oct 12 — With the 2017-2018 US TV season now two weeks in, American viewers' favorite new shows are already starting to emerge.

It comes as no surprise that the season's frontrunners in the ratings include the Big Bang Theory spinoff, the new medical show from the creator of House and the freshly revived Will & Grace.

Only a handful of new shows have managed to score success in this relatively unexciting fall TV season.

Inevitably, Young Sheldon — a comedy spinoff from The Big Bang Theory — takes the lead as the most watched new series among US TV viewers.

A single episode's screening was enough to convince CBS to pick up the new show for a full season. And with 17.21 million viewers tuning in for the TV premiere September 25, Young Sheldon hit hard, nearing the audiences of the original show — the USA's most-watched TV series.

Adding the plus-seven-day figures brings the total number of viewers for the first episode of the show, following a young Sheldon Cooper, to 22.5 million.

The series will return to the network November 2.

Another early success for the season is The Good Doctor, ABC's new medical series from House creator David Shore. Some 11.22 million viewers tuned in for the series premiere, September 25, rising to 19.2 million US viewers with plus-seven-day figures. The show, which has also been picked up for a full season, drew 10.93 million viewers with its second episode October 2.

One of fall's eagerly awaited TV events was the return of Will & Grace on NBC. After 11 years off air, the New-York-based friends didn't fail to win over viewers with their comeback. In fact, 10.19 million fans tuned in September 28, and 7.14 million the following week.

Three days after the initial broadcast, almost 15 million American viewers had watched the first episode.

Disappointment for The Gifted and Ghosted

There were relatively few other standouts among the season's new shows. Seal Team with David Boreanaz (Bones) on CBS nevertheless managed to draw 9.87 million TV viewers when it premiered September 27, rising to 14.3 million with the seven-day figures factored in.

The Gifted, a new series on Fox set in the X-Men universe, had to make do with 7.3 million viewers, of which 4.9 million tuned in on premiere day, October 2.

Still on Fox, The Orville — which launched September 10 — has seen audiences decline each week. After 8.5 million Americans tuned in for the first episode of Seth McFarlane's comedy, this fell to 3.43 million October 5.

Similarly, Ghosted scored 4.8 million viewers with live-plus-three ratings.

The Brave, 9JKL and Me, Myself & I also went relatively unnoticed, with ratings struggling past the five million mark. — AFP-Relaxnews

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