Hello, who are you fighting for?

OCTOBER 4 — It’s time to stockpile the headache relief pills: the election is coming.

I’m already getting a headache from the different voting campaigns going on — vote, don’t vote, spoil your vote, vote for hypothetical cats driving buses.

My stance has always been that in Malaysia it’s a zero sum game. All in or all out, no in-between funky protest nonsense. It starts with a vote and until we get that vote thing sorted, drawing ponies on your ballot is not really achieving anything.

Apart from that Malaysians need more than ever to find something to advocate for, besides themselves. What people forget is that even the littlest bit counts where that is concerned.

If you donate to the UNHCR, you will regularly get mailers telling you just what US$10 (RM42.40) will get a refugee. Sure, the world will always need monied philanthropists and global aid but donors like you and me matter too.

If you feel strongly about babies being dumped, donate to OrphanCare. Or donate to people who help OrphanCare. It’s easier now than ever to find causes and people who will always need funds for good work — you also can more easily vet who are really using your funds for what they were meant for.

I’ve been told I’m boring for saying the same things over and over again — but essentially isn’t that what people with causes do? Some things are worth mentioning twice, thrice, a thousand times.

We can’t all be champions but we can champion the champions. If it’s not physical volunteering, donate. Can’t donate? Share aid requests with those you think can donate.

In the age of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to do something, anything to help people worth helping.

And if I have to say this a thousand times in a thousand different ways, I will. Because some things are worth doing and some causes worth championing.

Also, don’t forget to vote.

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.

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