Scabal, Woolmark Company celebrate art of the handmade (VIDEO)

LONDON, Sept 17 — Menswear brand Scabal has joined forces with high-fashion textile group The Woolmark Company on a short film celebrating the art of craft.

Titled Handling Perfection, the film lauds the process of creating something by hand, be it a steel bike, a Michelin-starred dish, or a suit made from the finest Australian Merino wool. "It's that same dedication," says the clip's narrator.

"Where our hands are our tools and the process is an artform, because for us, it's only a true craftsman who possesses the passion, the talent, and the touch to create something exquisite."

Image of 'Handling Perfection' by Scabal on YouTube.
Image of 'Handling Perfection' by Scabal on YouTube.

The clip combines images of motorcycle maker Fred Jourden of Blitz and Belgian Michelin-star chef Peter Goossens with montages exploring the development of Scabal's menswear pieces, from the early sketches through to the manufacturing.

According to the Woolmark website, Gregor Thissen, Chairman of Scabal SA, says: "Modern technology and the ever-present possibilities of digital are major achievements of mankind and while we fully embrace the enormous opportunities they present, they should never outweigh or obliterate the importance of human involvement in the production and presentation of a quality product -- the human touch."

Scabal was founded in 1938 and has gone on to become one of the most well known expert tailors and cloth merchants in the industry. — AFP-Relaxnews

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