Ford announces details on 2018 Mustang for Europe

Ford's 2018 Mustang for Europe that will go on sale early next year. ― AFP pic
Ford's 2018 Mustang for Europe that will go on sale early next year. ― AFP pic

NEW YORK, Sept 12 ― When the Mustang was put on sale in Europe by Ford a couple of years ago, it was immediately a huge success. Ok, it didn't hurt that Ford only allocated a relatively small number for markets outside North America, but the waiting lists still exist. Now Ford has announced details of its 2018 model that will go on sale early next year, and you'd better get your order in pretty soon if you want one.

The changes for the new model year include a slightly sleeker new look, some sophisticated engine and suspension upgrades, the addition of some more advanced driver assistance technologies, and more options for buyers to customize their Mustang.

Before anyone gets too worried about the way the 2018 Mustang will look, the cosmetic enhancements are relatively minor, and you probably have to already be quite an enthusiast to notice the changes. The hood profile of the car is now a little lower than it was with integrated air vents, and there's a revised lower grille design which gives the new Mustang a sharper, more aggressive fascia while at the same time improving aerodynamics.

The rear of the Ford features a re-modeled bumper and diffuser element, which accommodates the quad-tailpipes that are now standard for 5.0-litre V-8 models and give onlookers more than a hint of the power and performance available. There's also now a new optional trunk spoiler for those wanting an even sportier profile.

In the engine department, the 5.0-litre V-8 engine has been upgraded to deliver more power and a higher rev-limit than it's ever managed previously. The anticipated peak power of 450 PS is supported by the introduction of Ford's new dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection system, which also means a welcome increase in low-end torque.

The 2.3-litre EcoBoost now puts out 290 PS, and thanks to a transient over-boost function for the turbocharger, it will now offer a more responsive and engaging driving experience. Another big upgrade comes in the shape of Ford's new 10‑speed transmission now being available in the Mustang. The advanced new 10-speed automatic originally made its debut in the American F-150 Raptor performance pickup truck, but it's now being rolled out into the Mustang for greater fuel efficiency, and improved acceleration. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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