easyJet travellers can now check hand bags, laptops to travel ‘hands-free’

easyJet has launched a ‘Hands-Free’ luggage option. ― AFP pic
easyJet has launched a ‘Hands-Free’ luggage option. ― AFP pic

LONDON, Sept 2 ― Would you check your handbag to travel “hands-free” during your flight? That's what low-cost carrier easyJet is banking on, with the launch of their latest service.

Called “Hands Free,” the new option is pitched as a way to unburden flyers of any and all baggage during the flying experience.

Flyers can check their hand luggage ― laptop, handbag or backpack ― at the Bag Drop desk when they check in, where they will be tagged as priority. 

The “hands-free” luggage will then be among the first to be delivered at the baggage belt at arrivals.

Passengers will be given small, plastic bags for their essential items like their wallet, passport, keys and mobile phone.

Duty-free items purchased at the airport are exempt from the hands-free allotment and can be taken on board the aircraft.

The feature could come in handy for flyers who mistakenly pass their liquids limitations. Instead of being forced to throw out the bottle of perfume sitting forgotten at the bottom of their handbag, flyers can pay £4 (RM22) to check it through.

The systemwide launch (with the exception of London Gatwick) follows a test in France conducted this spring, where 9,000 passengers chose the option within the four weeks that the service was launched. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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