Will Venezuela end up like Syria? — Ronald Benjamin.

AUG 13 — Would Venezuela end up being another Syria? It has been reported in the media, that President Trump is contemplating military intervention in Venezuela in the name growing humanitarian crisis.This sounds parallel to what happened in Syria in trying to save the civilian population, that ended up in supplying arms to rebels to topple president Assad and the war continues to this very day without concrete national solutions at sight. It is due to Russia’s backing of President Assad that has put the brakes on a full scale invasion of American forces.

Millions of people have lost their lives from the excesses of the Syrian regime who is aligned to Russia, Iran Hizbollah, and rebels who are aligned to United States, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Those who benefited from this civil war were arms dealers besides a game of geopolitical chest to ensure regional and global dominance in context of greed for resources and the security of the Zionist State.

There are various issues that need to be taken account in the dangerous Trump Presidency as he plots against resource oil rich countries like Venezuela. Trump came to power on the basis to bring back American jobs to the United States, opting out of climate change treaty, and a promise to build a supreme military. His political rise have basically empowered the deep state plutocrats who control the oil industry and the military establishment, to set its foothold on resources globally and geopolitical military strategies like arms supply that would indirectly create jobs for the American people. His cabinet is made up of billionaires who are who directly or indirectly connected to oil industries and military that are against climate treaties.

The United States Arms industry would tend to profit from a civil war in Venezuela, besides installing a right wing puppet regime that would listen to their dictates. Latin America has been in the fore front of resistance to American Hegemony for the long period of time with the election of left wing parties in the past decade, and the crisis in Venezuela is a trump card that is ready for use. Venezuela is rich with oil and many US oil companies would prefer a friendly regime to exploit it. Such evil plot should be resisted by Venezuelans.

Therefore it would be wise for Venezuelan President Madura to embark on dialogue with the opposition and work for common good of his nation that is beyond ideology, before it reaches a civil war. The recent creation of a constituent assembly has made things worst since the voice of dissent has been delegitimized. When institutions of governance close itself to public accountability it opens itself to foreign interference. This is evident in War torn countries like Iraq and Syria where internal weakness of autocratic governance have been exploited by the Western Nations using humanitarian issues as a basis to support invasion and rebellion.

The right wing Venezuelan opposition and those who dissent out of legitimate grievance should keep in mind that the American plutocrats of a deep state are not interested in common good of the  Venezuelan nation. It is there to exploit the situation of the Venezuelan people for its own strategic benefit. What the Americans want is a leader who would cooperate with its agenda in terms of military support, the exploitation of Venezuelan oil and reshaping the Venezuelan economy through neo-liberalism.

Dialogue without foreign interference is the way forward for Venezuelans. Honest peace brokers are required to facilitate dialogue, and certainly the United States is not the honest broker. Lessons in Syria should be an eye opener for Venezuelan ruling regime and the right wing opposition. It is hope Venezuela would not turn out to be another Syria.

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