China restaurant discounts meals by cup size — not the drink kind

A restaurant in China offers discounts based on bra size. — pic via AFP
A restaurant in China offers discounts based on bra size. — pic via AFP

HANGZHOU, Aug 11 — A restaurant in China has taken the concept of Hooters to a whole new level by offering discounts to women based on their bra size.

At Trendy Shrimp restaurant, located inside a mall in Hangzhou, a poster depicting a line-up of anime women with varying breast sizes informed patrons that the bigger the chest, the bigger the discount, reports the BBC.

The poster, which first appeared on August 1, has been taken down, following complaints from locals. But women willing to let their cup size net them a cheaper meal can still get their discount.

To appease offended customers, the restaurant manager assures female clients that they will be measured by their female servers, rather than male staff.

After launching the promotion, the manager told the Qianjiang Evening Post that business spiked 20 per cent, noting that some of their female diners presented themselves with pride because "they had nothing to hide."

It's the latest story out of the restaurant business to inflame the public.

At the other end of the spectrum, Melbourne restaurant Handsome Her made headlines recently after announcing plans to impose an 18 per cent "man tax" and give women seating priority, in order to send a message about Australia's gender wage gap. — AFPRelaxnews

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