An atheist’s reply to Yadim — Pepper Lim

AUGUST 8 — I read with disgust at the accusations thrown by Mahadi Awang, the director of Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (Yadim) as reported in your newspaper’s article Yadim rep: Atheists are pleasure-seeking, lawless Freemasons.

I have been an atheist for several years but have never been a member of the Freemasons. I am neither a member of the Illuminati, Jews, Zionists, Satan worship, nor Dajjal as imagined by people such as Mahadi Awang.

I strongly object to him accusing me of being a danger to society just because I do not belong to any religious group. I would also like to challenge him to prove how a person like me “in the end will bring human to live a lawless life”.

I am an active member of the Lions Club, helping the disabled (OKU). I am the President of the Bukit Bintang Old Boys Association which has just raised funds to help the students of my alma mater. I am the founder of the APOSL science club, helping to promote science and scientific understand among Malaysians. I am a writer, writing articles to help students improve their command of English.

Unlike Mahadi Awang, I do not go around saying baseless lies and pretending to be an expert on atheism. He should apologise for his statement linking me to criminals through his over active imagination.

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