IRB launches special operation to go after tax dodgers

KOTA BARU, July 17 — The Inland Revenue Board today launched a special operation code named Op Patuh to trace 3,445 tax dodgers who have not filed their returns for more than three assessment years.

IRB deputy chief executive officer (Policy) Datuk Noor Azian Abdul Hamid said the five-day operation involves 1,279 officers from 37 IRB branches.

“The focus is on External Audit and Table Audit on 1,687 companies and 1,758 individuals throughout the country who have not filed in their returns,” she told reporters after launching the operation at the Kota Baru IRB branch here.

Citing an example, Noor Azian said that in one of IRB’s probes, a conglomerate was found to have not filed in tax returns from 2010 to 2016.

“The tax not paid by the conglomerate totalled RM20 million. This case was detected through a strategic collaboration between the IRB and the Companies Commission of Malaysia in the effort to tackle revenue leakage,” she said.

She added that it was incumbent upon those required to pay tax to do so and that sooner or later tax dodgers would have to face the music. — Bernama

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