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Greater mobility for MRT commuters

An electronic gate at one of the MRT stations in Kuala Lumpur July 13, 2017. — Picture by Choo Choy May
An electronic gate at one of the MRT stations in Kuala Lumpur July 13, 2017. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 — Thousands of lives will be significantly improved after the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) phase 2 line connecting Tun Razak Exchange to Kajang Stadium commences today. 

Malay Mail spoke to residents near the Taman Mutiara and Taman Midah stations on their expectations. 

Saving time

Housewife Nor Zihan Mohd Nor, 55, who lives in Taman Mutiara Barat, said the MRT would give her better access to the city where she would sometimes spend her day shopping or window shopping. 

“It will be so convenient to have the MRT around. Right now we need to take a taxi or bus to get to town but it’s usually congested and it takes a long time,” she said. 

“Instead of wasting time in a car or bus, I can just hop on the MRT and go wherever I want with ease.” 

Nor Zihan said the convenience would also benefit her daughter, who works in Sungai Buloh.

“The nearest station to us is the Taman Midah station and it’s just five minutes away from our home,” said Nor Zihan. 

“My daughter leaves for work at 6.30am every morning to beat the jam and reach work in time, but the MRT will allow her a little more beauty sleep that’s much required for a young working adult.”

Cost efficient

Another Taman Mutiara Barat resident, retiree Linda Lim, 60, said the MRT would help her save a lot of money as she could benefit from the 50 per cent discount rates for senior citizens. 

“I don’t drive, and I have always relied on public transport,” she said. 

“It is good that now I have another option to choose from, and it will be much cheaper since I won’t need to go through tolls or pay for petrol.”

Lim said that travelling to areas like Subang Jaya would be much easier. 

“I go to Subang to visit my mother sometimes and it’s far away by other modes of transport, all I have to do now is transit and change trains,” she said.

“My mother will be happy to see me visit her more often.” 


Student Eddie Leong Ruo Yi, 16, said having the MRT close to his house would let him spend more time with his friends without having to bother his parents to take him places.

“As a student, I can’t afford to be using taxis or Uber all the time,” said Ruo Yi. 

“The MRT is an affordable and convenient option for students who are looking to be independent, I also think it’s quite safe.” 

Ruo Yi said he was already planning out his daily expenses to be able to afford trips into town on the weekend with his friends by MRT. 

“It’s going to really benefit me and my social life, at least I will have a chance to mingle with my friends in town and see more of the city,” he said. 

Easing financial burdens

Taman Midah resident and residents’ association president Raymond Ng, 55, said he was previously required to buy second-hand cars for his three children to travel to college. 

“I had to spend a lot of money for my three children to travel since they all studied in different places,” said Ng. 

“It is easier for them to just use the MRT and I wouldn’t need to worry too much about my financial commitments.”

Ng said that he would even consider using the MRT on days when it’s too congested to drive. 

He said parking lots at the MRT station would ease congestion in the residential areas.

“Many leave their cars at stations to go to work by train, but the parking lots available at Taman Midah will reduce the number of cars parked by the roadside,” he said.

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