Upcoming video game releases: ‘Splatoon 2,’ ‘Yonger,’ ‘Children of Zodiarcs’ (VIDEO)

‘Splatoon 2’ promises more manic paint-based fun. — Picture courtesy of Nintendo
‘Splatoon 2’ promises more manic paint-based fun. — Picture courtesy of Nintendo

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16 — An expansion on Nintendo’s fresh twist on multiplayer action games in “Splatoon 2,” a turn-based tale of thievery and freedom in “Children of Zodiarcs” and a novel approach to saving a world in the non-combative “Yonger: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles” all await release over the coming week.

Children of Zodiarcs
For Mac OSX, PlayStation 4, Windows PC
From July 18
Turn-based, tactical adventure with card-based combat, dice rolls, and a story about a group of young thieves in pursuit of an ancient artefact — pursued on one side by city guards and used on the other by established underworld criminals.

Yonger: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
For PlayStation 4, Windows PC
From July 18
Rid the island of Gemea of an evil murk but do it without fighting. Drawing apparent influence from the well-loved “Harvest Moon” and “Stardew Valley” schools of farm and life simulations as well as adventure franchise “The Legend of Zelda.”

Splatoon 2
For Nintendo Switch
From July 21
The followup to one of Nintendo’s best new franchises of recent years: Equipped with brushes, rollers, buckets and spray guns, and transforming into squids and back into kids, players paint an arena’s worth of territory in their own team’s colours. New weapons, moves and modes are part of the “Splatoon 2” package.

Aven Colony
For PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC
From July 25
Construct a human home on an alien planet through a combination of crucial building units, expeditions, trade routes and defences against natural wildlife. Available during development on PC since 2016 via Itch.io.

For PlayStation 4, Windows PC
From July 25
Journey through purgatory on a single-player quest of self-redemption via combat. Victories are ensured by using an orb to destroy the opposition team’s pyre. Highly anticipated third game from Supergiant Games (award-winning “Bastion,” “Transistor.”)
supergiantgames.com/games/pyre — AFP-Relaxnews

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