Popular Spanish seaside town to fine tourists who pee and play ball on beach

A Spanish seaside town will slap fines on everything from playing ball on the beach or weeing in the sea. ― AFP pic
A Spanish seaside town will slap fines on everything from playing ball on the beach or weeing in the sea. ― AFP pic

MURCIA, July 12 ― A popular seaside town in Spain has passed a raft of new bylaws banning everything from playing ball on the beach, biking along the waterfront, and weeing in the sea.

San Pedro del Pinatar, in southeastern Spain's Murcia province, is cracking down on tourists behaving badly with a slew of rules aimed at teaching holidaymakers some manners.

After putting a definitive end to nudity on their beaches earlier this spring, the local town council has been on a banning binge, imposing a hefty €750 (RM3,697) fine for various offenses.

But not everyone is happy with the new bylaws, reports local publication Murciatoday.com, with some critics calling the new measures overzealous and overly restrictive.

For instance, to the dismay of some, the popular game of pala, a type of Basque racquetball, will be banned, along with pets and bikes, including the popular tourist activity of tandem biking on the seafront.

Beachgoers caught weeing on the beach or in the sea, playing loud music, and leaving an umbrella unattended, in order to reserve their spot, will also be slapped with fines. The new rules come into effect as of July 18.

The Spanish town is the latest to try to restore civility amongst discourteous holidaymakers.

Over the weekend, Hvar in Croatia also started a public awareness campaign targeting their young, mostly British visitors who flock to the popular resort island in search of drunken benders and various forms of debauchery.

Visitors caught walking around without T-shirts, in their swimsuits, and drinking, eating and sleeping in public spaces face fines of up to €700. 

Similarly, the Italian coast guard was deployed to sail along the Tuscan coastline last summer to restore order amongst beachgoers, after fielding one too many complaints about sunbathers who unfairly reserve the best spots on the beach with towels and lounge chairs hours in advance. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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