Police say dentist reported missing on Gunong Yong Belar found

GUA MUSANG, July 9 — A dentist who was lost for more than 24 hours in the forest after breaking up with his team mates while descending Gunong Yong Belar at Lojing near here was found by two Myanmar plantation workers who then brought him out to safety.

A spokesman at the Gua Musang district police station said Dr Muhammad Iqbal Ariffin, 29, was found by the plantation workers at about 4 pm today and was taken on a motorcycle by one of them to Lojing Mosque.

“Currently, the dentist, who has been given treatment, is still at the Lojing police base waiting for the arrival of his family members from Melaka,” said the policeman when met at the police base here tonight.

He said a a search and rescue operation for the dentist, involving the police, Civil Defence Force and the Fire and Rescue Department,  was mounted at noon today after a missing person report on him was lodged at 4.22am.

The dentist, who is from Melaka, was realised missing by a team mate, Aeida Abu Talib, 46, after finding him not in the group of 31 climbers when they stopped to rest about an hour after they began their descend of the mountain.

Meanwhile, Dr Muhammad Iqbal, when met at the Lojing police base, said he only realised that he was separated from his climbing team at about 6pm yesterday and then decided to look for a river to rest.

“At about 7.30pm, i finally found a river and drank water from the river as I had run out of food supply. Alone in the forest, I did the ‘solat hajat’ (special prayer), seeking God to make it easy for me to find my way back get to my team mates,” he added.

He said he was walking along the river at about 7am today that the two Myanmar workers found him and then sent him to the Lojing Mosque.

“I then contacted my father, who then informed the police that I have been found,” he said. — Bernama

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