Mulgari Automotive launches Signature Vehicle series

Mulgari Automotive Signature Vehicle series. — Mulgari Automotive handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews
Mulgari Automotive Signature Vehicle series. — Mulgari Automotive handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews

NEW YORK, June 20 — If there’s one area of the automotive industry that always seem to thrive no matter what, it appears to be the part that produces the most exclusive, expensive and high-end vehicles. The latest addition to the upper echelons of automotive supremacy comes from specialist design, styling and tuning house Mulgari, in the shape of its bespoke vehicle ownership programme, Signature Vehicles.

Signature Vehicles will provide customers with what it describes as an “unrivalled ownership experience,” which will see brand new vehicles tailored and built to the purchaser’s personal specifications. The new programme was announced appropriately at an invite-only event, where prospective buyers gained exclusive access to the concept via a unique McLaren MP4-12C known as ‘Project Twelve’ and the first production models to be built as part of the new bespoke programme.

Although the basic platform for the final vehicles will be regular production models, the upgrades can be as extensive as the buyer could possibly imagine, including cosmetic, performance and interior enhancements. The first production model to emerge from the new programme is called the Mulgari F56 SV, which is based on the current F56 MINI Cooper S. These models are available across the entire current MINI lineup, and these new utterly bespoke models are already able to be ordered directly from Mulgari.

Mulgari Automotive’s owner, Benjamin Sunners, said of the Signature Vehicles programme: “From our experience, we have seen how manufacturers can be frustrated by market requirements. Most customers come to Mulgari to ‘finish’ their car, unlocking its full performance and visual potential, and fitting options, some of which simply aren’t available from an OEM.”

The F56 SV immediately stands out from the production model thanks to a visual enhancement pack that sees all exterior chrome removed, and one of six colours added to the mirrors, belt line, brake callipers and front grille. A bespoke engine management programme, an uprated exhaust system and extra engine cooling increases performance by some 23 per cent, and the stance of the F56 SV being lowered by 30mm adds additional presence that hints at the car’s true performance.

The Mulgari F56 SV is available to order right away from Mulgari, but what yours looks like and how it performs is up to your imagination, Mulgari, and your bank account. — AFP-Relaxnews

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