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PKR Youth top leaders told to quit amid graft claims

Delegates attending the AMK Congress in Shah Alam May 20, 2017. ― Picture by Choo Choy May
Delegates attending the AMK Congress in Shah Alam May 20, 2017. ― Picture by Choo Choy May

SHAH ALAM, May 20 ― PKR Youth's top leaders were told today to resign by one of its congress' delegates, in a scathing rebuke over graft accusations and their lack of initiative.

Melaka delegate Naqiuddin Nazir said the wing is facing a “3L” syndrome, referring to three maladies ― “lemah, lembap, lembik”, Malay for being weak, slow and soft.

“If you are not able to shoulder responsibility, resign!” Naqiuddin said, to raucous cheers from some in delegates who supported him.

Naqiuddin said the wing is also plagued with “3R”, “rasuah, rosak, rebah”, or “graft, damage, and collapse” ― pointing that such image was not present under the previous leadership of Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

“People are calling AMK 'Angkatan Muda Korup', we didn't hear this before,” he said, using the Malay initials of the wing.

He also complained that the wing has not caught up with the much recently-formed Youth wings of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia and Parti Amanah Negara.

His speech received wild applause from the delegates, who chanted “Selamatkan AMK” afterwards, which is Malay for “Save PKR Youth”.

Naqiuddin’s remarks followed calls by several delegates asking for wing members to rally behind their sole “captain,” wing chief Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

Naqiuddin was also criticised afterwards by other delegates such as those from Sabah and Pahang, who said they were saddened by the sudden attack and the constant bickering within the wing.

Allegations of corruption within the wing's leaders rose following the arrest of former Ampang PKR Youth leader Datuk Adam Rosly Abdullah by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission last month.

Adam has since been slapped with six charges under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001, and claimed trial to all of them.

Adam and PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli have also been trading jibes against each other publicly, after the latter warned that PKR should not take the charges against the former lightly, as it would undermine the party’s reputation.

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