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Microsoft's goodbye to Wunderlist, launches To-Do app to keep us organised (VIDEO)

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22 — The famous to-do list application Wunderlist will soon be retired by Microsoft, which has decided to replace it with a new app, To-Do.

Microsoft says that To-Do will make organising daily tasks and lists even easier than with Wunderlist. A trial version is now available via web browsers, Windows (coming soon for Mac users), Android and iOS. The same team who designed Wunderlist, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2015, has worked on To-Do.

If you need to do some grocery shopping, buy a plane ticket, or set up a meeting, To-Do is an organizational tool which theoretically helps you get things done. There are plans for an algorithm to offer intelligent suggestions for your most important tasks.

Microsoft To-Do is a cross-platform app. — Microsoft/AFP pic
Microsoft To-Do is a cross-platform app. — Microsoft/AFP pic

The advantage of To-Do is that it will integrate perfectly with all Microsoft Office products. For the moment, this applies only to Outlook with which it is possible to sync tasks with To-Do so you can deal with them on any device.

In the coming months, Microsoft plans to improve its new app, which is still at a relatively basic stage compared to Wunderlist, by adding features such as list sharing and integration with other Microsoft services. Microsoft guarantees that all the data will be encrypted in transit and at rest.

The beta version of To-Do can now be downloaded free from the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. Note that a Wunderlist to To-Do importer is included in the app.

For more info about Microsoft To-Do, click here.  — AFP-Relaxnews

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