‘Genius’ renewed for second season ahead of season one (VIDEO)

LOS ANGELES, April 21 — Although season one is yet to premiere, the anthology series about the world’s greatest minds has already been renewed for a second season. Viewers will find out which iconic figure will be the subject of the second instalment at the end of season one, which focuses on Albert Einstein.

As widely expected, National Geographic has confirmed it is working on a second season of Genius, an anthology produced and partially directed by Ron Howard. The network hasn’t revealed which inventor will be the subject of the second season, but their identity will be revealed June 20 when the season one finale screens.

Season one of Genius, which debuts April 25 on National Geographic, focuses on Albert Einstein, the physicist best known for his theory of relativity, his E=MC2 equation and his 1921 Prize Nobel in Physics. The 10 episodes will show viewers the man behind the genius, as the world-renowned theorist was also a humanist with pacifist values who fought against inequality and extremism throughout his life.

Viewers will follow a 16-year-old Albert Einstein as he leaves Germany to study in Zurich, Switzerland. He then met and married Mileva Maric, with whom he has three children. In the 1920s, after returning to Germany, his Jewish origins and political opinions started to cause problems. Fearing for his safety in the face of rising Nazism, Einstein fled Germany as Hitler comes to power in 1933 and settled in the USA.

But Einstein’s activism didn’t stop there. Working at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, New Jersey, he refused to speak at universities practicing racial segregation. His civil rights activism and outspoken criticism of racial segregation led him to be the subject of FBI surveillance. This harassment merely intensified with the effects of McCarthyism, which the scientist was also quick to denounce.

Australian actor Geoffrey Rush has been chosen to play this scientific genius in the small-screen serialisation. The actor, previously seen in Pirates of the Caribbean, The King’s Speech and Shakespeare in Love, will star alongside Emily Watson (The Theory of Everything) as Einstein’s cousin Elsa Einstein — who would later become his second wife — and T.R. Knight (11.22.63, Grey’s Anatomy) as FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

Genius, based on Walter Isaacson’s book Einstein: His Life And Universe, screens from April 25 in the USA with the series finale scheduled for June 20. — AFP-Relaxnews

The first season of ‘Genius’ focuses on Albert Einstein
The first season of ‘Genius’ focuses on Albert Einstein

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