An emotional Andy Lau reassures fans he will be ‘running and jumping soon’ (VIDEO)

A screengrab of the video released in conjunction with the premiere of ‘Shock Wave’.
A screengrab of the video released in conjunction with the premiere of ‘Shock Wave’.

HONG KONG, April 20 — An emotional Andy Lau has sought to reassure fans in a new video that he will be “running and jumping and talking and laughing soon”.

The pre-recorded address was shown at the premiere of Lau’s new film Shock Wave, which he did not attend.

This is the first time that Lau has been seen in person since a horse-riding accident in January. Up to this point, fans have only been kept abreast of his recovery via blog posts and photos.

In the two-minute clip, the Hong Kong superstar who appears to have lost some weight sits in a wheelchair as he speaks to the camera.

At certain points, he can be seen fighting back tears as his voice falters.

“The heavens want me to take an extended break,” he says, as he points upwards. “Hopefully, I will be able to see you all again once I am fit and well.”

On Tuesday, Lau also shared a picture on his official blog showing him standing up with the help of a walking stick.

“It’s you in the front, and it’s you in the back! Just do it! Don’t change lanes!” he wrote in a caption.

The cast and crew of Shock Wave then showed their support for Lau by posing with walking sticks at the film’s premiere last night, a photo that Lau posted on his blog today.

Lau fractured his pelvis in multiple places after he was reportedly thrown off a horse while filming a commercial in Thailand on January 17.

According to Ming Pao, Lau has been undergoing regular physiotherapy since he was discharged from hospital.

A source claimed that Lau practises standing without a cane as well as walking with support multiple times a day.

He has enjoyed a nearly 30-year career as an award-winning singer, actor and producer, and is widely known as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” of Cantopop.

Lau has starred in over 140 movies, according to his production company website.

Action thriller Shock Wave reunites him with director Herman Yau whom he worked with on Don't Fool Me! (1991) and Fascination Amour (1999).

In the film, he plays an explosives expert who must stop a criminal mastermind from detonating a series of bombs around Hong Kong.

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