Volvo Trucks Malaysia launches flagship FH Series (VIDEO)

The Volvo FH Series truck is built to withstand the heaviest and most demanding operations. ― Picture by YS Khong
The Volvo FH Series truck is built to withstand the heaviest and most demanding operations. ― Picture by YS Khong

SHAH ALAM, April 20 ― Volvo Trucks Malaysia unveiled its FH Series, its premium flagship truck to the Malaysian market today with a grand digital launch gambit at the Setia Convention Centre.

Designed with the driver in mind and built to withstand the heaviest and most demanding operations, the FH also offers best-in- class fuel economy, reliability and safety, and is the ultimate long-haul truck that sets a new standard for the transportation industry.

“The Volvo FH series is our latest premium flagship product that we believe will deliver exceptional benefits to our Malaysian customers. We have a long history in Malaysia and the addition of the Volvo FH to our product line not only strengthens our current leading position but al so puts us in a good position to take advantage of future opportunities in the long-haul transport, said Mats Nilson, Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Built for long-haul regional distribution applications, the Volvo FH Series boasts of superior torque and power, and is ideal for transportation of over-sized loads over long distances. Of particular importance during such trips would be the brake system which must be capable of stopping power for heavy loads, and the ability to make it up steep inclines. The FH features I-shift which is a 20 speed automatic shifting system that allows powerful take-offs from very low speeds ― this is essential for taking off while on an incline with load, and also for making it up steep inclines.

With transmission ratios as low as 32:1, and up to 37:1 in reverse, the I-shift system with crawler-gears lets the truck move at speeds as low as 0.5 to 2.0 km/h, providing total control and precision, especially in tight situations.

The FH Series places much emphasis on drive-ability, and as a result, the huge mammoth of a truck is as easy to handle as a car. The steering system uses the revolutionary Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) technology that provides perfect steering stability at high speeds, and total control at low speeds.

The FH also features Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) to reduce the risk if skidding and roll-overs.

The all-new cab has undergone over a thousand simulated crash tests in Sweden with the sole purpose of creating a truck that is as safe as possible for the driver, passengers and other road users.

Key areas taken into consideration were cab volume, an optimised working environment and relaxation area for the driver ― this includes a standing height of 2.2 metres. Ergonomics also play a great part, with the instrument panel angled toward the driver, with all important controls within easy reach, and instrumentation is designed to minimise the amount of time the driver has to take his eyes off the road. Yet another interesting feature of the FH is I-Park Cool, and integrated parking cooler that provides superior cooling capacity without compromising in-cab space or fuel consumption.

*Editor’s Note:

YS Khong took a short drive in the Volvo FH Truck, and found it to be very easy to handle ― the key elements that contributes to this were high visibility, which includes a high glass area, a special wing mirror that allows one to look through it for possible obstructions, and an arrangement of extra mirrors for side, front and rear axle views, a self-centralising steering wheel that requires very little effort to turn, multiple adjustments for the driver’s seat and also an adjustable steering wheel that allows one to get a comfortable seating position. Although the truck is very big, YS did not feel intimidated or was ever unsure of the road because of the excellent all-round visibility and the ease of handling. Watch the short video attached.

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