‘Armani Code' gets a fresh and sensual cologne-inspired flanker

The Giorgio Armani ‘Armani Code Colonia’ fragrance. — AFP pic
The Giorgio Armani ‘Armani Code Colonia’ fragrance. — AFP pic

MILAN, March 20 — Giorgio Armani reinvents elegance and seduction with a masculine twist in “Armani Code Colonia,” a fresh yet decidedly masculine take on the original “Armani Code” fragrance.

“Armani Code Colonia” channels a simple elegance, a stylish, sensual and subtle interpretation of masculinity. This new form of elegance, both deep and discreet, is captured in this very latest version of “Armani Code.” Fresh and light but also virile and sensual, this highly captivating flanker stands out with its quality ingredients and contrasting notes.

With its fresh notes, “Armani Code Colonia” takes inspiration from classic colognes while keeping the fougère character of the original scent, explains its creator Antoine Maisondieu. “When I began to work on this fragrance, I immediately wanted to keep its fougère spirit that's so attractive and virile, and add to it a freshness and elegance by marrying the note with a soft orange blossom accord,” he said.

This Eau de Toilette has a combination of citrusy top notes, including bergamot, mandarin and pink peppercorns, with aromatic middle notes of clary sage, florals and salicylate orange blossom. The base brings notes of tonka bean and heliotrope.

The bottle keeps the same signature shape of other “Armani Code” fragrances but comes finished for the first time in a pale blue shade, echoing the scent's fresh feel. A wide black band wraps around the bottle, just under the monogrammed cap, adding a subtly elegant detail that evokes the cummerbund of a tuxedo.

American actor Chris Pine (Star Trek, Horrible Bosses 2) has been chosen to front the new fragrance. He stars in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, due out in June. — AFP-Relaxnews

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