'Brangelina' release organic olive oil from their French chateau

Chateau Miraval olive oil. — AFP pic
Chateau Miraval olive oil. — AFP pic

MIRAVAL (Paris), March 16 — Despite their divorce, the show must go on for celebrity couple Brangelina, who released a new olive oil from their French wine estate Chateau Miraval this week. 

After white and rosé wines, the French chateau owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt announced the release of a new organic extra virgin olive oil made from a blend of olives grown on the Miraval estate and the surrounding region from similar terroirs. 

The chateau spans 500 hectares near the village of Correns in the south of France, and was the site of the celebrity couple’s nuptials in 2014. 

The olive oil is described as smooth, with notes of almond, hazelnut and braised artichoke, with top notes of pepperiness, cut by fresh herb and a long, smooth spicy finish. 

In an interview with AFP, the winemaker entrusted with running the estate quashed long-running rumors that the chateau would be sold in the celebrity divorce. 

Marc Perrin said that the couple sees the estate as an investment that will benefit the family and that they are involved in all aspects of its operations. 

Chateau Miraval produces two white wines and a rosé. 

A trio of 500 ml bottles of olive oil is priced at €85 (RM400.32). — AFP-Relaxnews

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