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Chinese investment in Malacca to create job opportunities for locals

JASIN, March 11 — The second phase of the Xinyi Glass Group solar glass factory in the Lipat Kajang Industrial Area here is expected to generate about 600 job opportunities for the state.

China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang also said more than 50 per cent of the workers involved in the second phase of the construction, scheduled to begin tomorrow, are locals.

“The investment will help create more job opportunities for the locals.  “For example, close to 1,600 people have been hired to work in the Xinyi factory since it began operating during the first phase,” he added.  He told reporters this after visiting the Xinyi Energy Smart and Xinyi Solar factory today.

Huang refuted claims by certain parties that companies from the republic were interfering with the livelihood locals.

“In fact, investments from China will help create more job opportunities for locals, and also assist in the growth of several sectors which have been a little left behind in Malaysia, such as glass manufacturing.

“Take the Xinyi Glass Group investment for example. The company brought its technology into the country and helped produce quality glass which Malaysia had to import previously,” he said. — Bernama

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