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Jetsetting with ... ‘Chicago The Musical’ actress, Genevieve Nicole

'Chicago The Musical' actress Genevieve Nicole attending the Oliviers 2016 award at Covent Garden in London. — Picture courtesy of Genevieve Nicole via TODAY
'Chicago The Musical' actress Genevieve Nicole attending the Oliviers 2016 award at Covent Garden in London. — Picture courtesy of Genevieve Nicole via TODAY

SINGAPORE, Feb 27 — Actress and singer Genevieve Nicole relishes her role as the seductive murderess Velma Kelly in Chicago The Musical.

The 32-year-old, a member of the international cast performing in the production at Marina Bay Sands, has quite the exotic upbringing. The Australian-born performer lived in the south of Mauritius when she was five years old, and currently lives in Dorset in Britain. As a performer, she has also visited a whopping 100 countries.

Ask her about which city tops her list of places to visit, and Nicole reveals that she loves the culture and food in Edinburgh.

Its vibrancy is what keeps her going back, she said.

“You’ve got Edinburgh fringe festivals, Arthur’s Seat which you can climb, you’ve got a secret garden which is a restaurant, and you’ve got plenty of theatre (offerings),” she added.

Nicole will be returning to Dorset after the Singapore run of Chicago, and she has no plans for what role she might take up next.

“I have been working non-stop for 11 years,” she said, adding that she is sure something is around the corner, and is excited to see where in the world that might take her.

She spoke to TODAY about her travels, and travel tips.

Q: You have a long history of playing Velma in Chicago. Tell us more.

A: My mum played Velma when I was two years old, in Australia, and I (remember watching) her (onstage). Even at two, I just wanted to be like my mum.

Velma and I are similar — we both love being in the limelight. She has got a lot of comedy within her as well, and I do like to think I am funny. We both have strength, and humour.

Q: You are on the road a lot when performing. Can you share some skincare tips for long-haul travellers who want to look their best after a flight?

A: Moisturiser is your friend. I use Dermalogica. I also have a tea tree foam facial wash which I use when I take off my make-up. Drink water on flights — lots of water. Sometimes, after a flight, I might put on a face mask. Other than that, less is more for my skin.

Q: You have lived in several countries, including Mauritius. What are your favourite spots to visit there?

A: I just love the character of Mauritius. I love the way of life there. You just feel blessed that you are in a place that looks like it is a living postcard — white sands, blue seas. If you visit, you must go to Flat Island and get on a catamaran. Look for one called Top Cat, which sails to Flat Island. Do not miss out on trying the watersports — water skiing, paragliding.

You could (find a tour that lets you) walk with lions in the middle of the country, in Tamarin. I did that once, and it was just insane being among such beautiful creatures.

Q: What are some of your favourite things to do and places to go to in your adopted home of Britain?

A: There is a lovely boat ride called Thames RIB experience. It is a speedboat tour and is fun even in the cold.

Of course, I love theatre. So I would say, go see the shows. I (recently) watched The Colour Purple.

You have got all of West End to explore. Catch a play, catch a hit musical, catch some new theatre that is coming out that you might not have heard of before. Check out Union Theatre, Southwark Playhouse and The Other Place. You have got everything right there.

Q: Where are your favourite places to eat at in Britain?

A: Mexican Wahaca. They have these tortilla bowls with lots of lettuce and everything you could want. For finer dining, head to The Port House. The chorizo, potatoes, bratwurst and chicken skewers are stunning.

Q: What countries are on your bucket list for the next couple of years, and why?

A: Santorini in Greece just looks perfection with its beaches, infinity pools and old white buildings along cobblestoned streets.

Q: What do you never leave home without on your trips?

A: My iPad, so I can watch my favourite TV series. Bringing my make-up along is also a must. Even if it is only a bit of mascara, blush, concealer and lip balm, I always make sure I have a little something on me (for “emergencies”).

I always take perfume with me, too. I love to smell delicious. My “show” or performing fragrance is Hugo Boss Woman. That will change depending on my mood, and the character I am playing. — TODAY

*Chicago The Musical is playing at Marina Bay Sands until Feb 26. Visit www.entertainment.marinabaysands.com for details.

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