Malaysians for Trump: No, you're still not white

FEBRUARY 1 — It's been just one week since Donald Trump's inauguration and many people already wish it was 2018. Or maybe 2020, when the US will (presumably) not vote for an angry orange to lead the free world.

I'm not going to bother to comment on the situation in the US since, hey, we have CNN et al to do it. Instead I again turn the spotlight on Malaysian Trump supporters.

Again, I ask, what is wrong with you?

Trump's actions in the first week have already shown how problematic he is for our country. He's killed US participation in the TPPA, announced citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries will not be allowed into the US, even if they have visas or green cards, plans to renege on the Paris climate deal and is dangerously close to provoking China into declaring war.

Let's not forget that his closest advisor is Steve Bannon, a known white supremacist.

Dear brown/yellow and obviously Malaysian Trump supporters: white supremacy and the threat of genocide go hand in hand. As I said in my last column, look in the mirror and consider that Trump has hired someone who would like you not to exist.

If it were up to Trump, the US would turn in on itself and spurn globalisation. Bring back as many, if not all jobs back to the US and probably only deal with outside countries to either sell them things or ban them.

There are Malaysians who are saying, well, at least Trump is keeping to his campaign promises.

He promised to ban Muslims and have a Muslim registry.

He has even suggested that the US seize Iraq oil fields as compensation for the money the country has spent on its foreign intervention. Now, if he actually goes through with that, we're betting that it won't just be ISIS shelling the heck out of US troops.

“Aiya, Trump not our presidentlah, why does it matter who the US chooses.”

As can be evidenced by the last eight days, US politics and the actions of its presidents affect not just us, but the world.

It's perfectly fine to switch off CNN and turn to the dulcet drones of TV3 telling us that everything is fine, our PM is wonderful and the economy is stronger than ever.

It is not fine to worship the leader of a nation who supports the idea that white people deserve dominion over all other races.

Like it or not, white supremacists are a threat to peace and the future of the world. For white supremacists to now have the ear of the leader of the free world is troubling and dangerous.

That is the plain, simple truth.So before you go lauding Trump, remember another white supremacist who was also democratically elected, and whose actions led to the formation of Israel.

I'm not saying another global Holocaust could happen. I'm just saying, my countrymen, if you insist on worshipping Trump, that maybe, just maybe you have to ask yourself whether you secretly think you're white. And if you need reminding that you're not, head over to Daiso. I hear mirrors are only RM5 or so.

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.

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