‘Cadillac One’ gets an upgrade for president-elect Donald Trump (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON Jan 11 — According to Autoweek, the new presidential state car is expected to sport the looks of a Cadillac Escalade sedan. Known as ‘Cadillac One’ or by the Secret Service as ‘The Beast,’ it will use a Kodiak medium-duty truck frame with custom-made body panels.”

The seven-seat interior is sealed to protect against a biological or chemical attack, with windows that can withstand armour-piercing bullets.

The current edition of the Beast has 20-cm-thick heavy armour-plated doors and a reinforced steel plate running underneath the vehicle to protect it from roadside bombs.

The presidential limousine has tear gas cannons and a night vision camera, as well as a pump-action shotgun. Extra weapons, an oxygen supply and bottles of the president’s blood type are also on board. The fuel tank is armour-plated and encased in foam to prevent it from exploding. The kevlar-reinforced tires are puncture and shard-resistant, with steel rims that allow the car to continue driving if the tires are destroyed.

The vehicle bears the American flag and the Presidential Standard while travelling domestically. When abroad, the Presidential Standard is replaced by that country’s flag. — Reuters

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