Time is of the essence for Jing Yi

National shuttler, Tee Jing Yi. — Picture by AFP
National shuttler, Tee Jing Yi. — Picture by AFP

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 7 — National shuttler Tee Jing Yi has been given six months to make it as a doubles player.

The BA of Malaysia (BAM) have given her a trial period to prove herself or else she is out.

Ranked 35th in singles before she made the switch to doubles, Jing Yi said it will be difficult to prove her worth in that time.

“Six months is a very short period,” she said after a training session yesterday.

Jing Yi said she wanted to try her hand in doubles to prolong her career.

“I hope I can make the necessary adjustments and meet their requirements,” she added.

“I’m still trying get the basics right as advised by my coach, and I’m mindful of coming into doubles as the new kid on the block.

“Regardless of whatever experience I have, I’m starting over with a different team and that is a drastic change.”

Women’s doubles coaches Wong Pei Tty and Lim Pek Siah have said Jing Yi needs to be quicker on her feet if she is to succeed as a doubles player.

“I realise I’m much slower on court compared to when I play singles, my speed is the one thing I need to improve on, doubles is all about agility on court,” said Jing Yi.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old from Penang is not worried about who she will be paired up with.

“We’ve just started the first few days of training and it doesn’t matter to me who I’m paired up with nor do I have any preference. I just need to work on my own form,” she said.

“Since doubles requires team effort, I need to make sure I’m not bringing anyone down.”

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