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Learning from the achievers — Sin Chew Daily

JANUARY 4 — Jimmy Choo and Lee Chong Wei are the pride of Malaysia, the former conquering the world with his exquisite shoe designs while the latter excelling in the badminton court.

The achievements of these two people are no stranger to Malaysians. Jimmy Choo's shoe designs have won high acclaims among the royalty and celebrities, gaining him legendary status in the shoe industry.

As for LCW, the world's top badminton player, has won a silver medal in three consecutive Olympics.

Their success has not come by chance, but through relentless effort, persistence and overwhelming enthusiasm.

Before they became household names, Choo and Lee had to brave through tough days like many others, toiling extra hard to see to the ultimate success. Their success stories should make them perfect role models for the rest of the country, especially in the challenging New Year, when the economy is sluggish and goods prices skyrocketing.

At the turn of the year, Sin Chew Daily had an exclusive interview with these two people, relating their experiences from the bottom of the valley to the pinnacle of the respective careers.

It is hoped that Malaysians will take cue from their tortuous growing path and be inspired and energised by their achievements so that we will brace the challenges in life with an optimistic frame of mind and positive attitude to overcome the hurdles.

Young Malaysians should more than ever draw some positive thinking and value system from their motivating experiences, emulating their perseverance in emerging victorious in the midst of stiff competition.

One major problem plaguing our young people is the lack of perseverance, resulting in them giving up easily in the face of even the slightest setback. Such an attitude will not help overcome the obstacles nor exploring new realms in our undertakings.

Both Jimmy Choo and LCW have seen their tougher days before, but they have stayed true to their belief and confront the challenges boldly, turning the negativity into a positive force that has propelled them forward. If they had turned back, we wouldn't have seen Jimmy Choo and LCW standing tall in our midst.

During the early years of his career, Choo was once having problem of feeding himself as he couldn't sell his shoes. When Lee Chong Wei left his hometown for training in KL at the age of 17, he had to bear the hardship of strenuous training in the absence of family and friends, but he managed to pull through all this and has since claimed one title after another.

The stories of Choo and LCW underscore unassailable the truth that there is no shortcut to success. There is no such thing as a free lunch and we have to fight our way to be on top. Along the way, we require an enormous dose of perseverance and the unrelenting spirit.

There are different challenges in different areas, and we all face different kinds of hardships and dilemmas from those experienced by Choo and LCW. Their persistence and resolved attitude are the indispensable factors that have helped them overcome their bottlenecks. — Sin Chew Daily

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail Online.

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