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Tom Cruise’s bloodcurdling ‘Mummy’ scream is now a ringtone (VIDEO)

Tom Cruise in a scene from ‘The Mummy’. — Screengrab from YouTube
Tom Cruise in a scene from ‘The Mummy’. — Screengrab from YouTube

LOS ANGELES, Dec 23 — What happens when Tom Cruise emits a bloodcurdling scream that belies his macho action-man image?

It becomes a ringtone, of course!

Last week, a clip of the Universal Pictures’ trailer of The Mummy made for screening in IMAX cinemas omitted one crucial detail: The sound effects.

It only included sighs and screams from Cruise and co-star Annabelle Wallis.

Naturally, someone uploaded the clip to YouTube and it went viral.

The Daily Dot was the first to spot what has now been described as “Tom yell”.

According to The Observer, the ringtone is the brainchild of web designer William Wilkinson who told the UK newspaper that he originally made it because the scream is “hysterical.”

“It’s not often you get clean audio of Tom Cruise yelling,” Wilkinson said in an email to The Observer.

“It was phenomenal. And like most things in life, I actually did it to commit to my joke and juice a few more laughs out of my friends.”

So as a reminder that even the mighty Tom Cruise can get his feathers ruffled (or just to annoy your family at Christmas dinner), you can download the five-second ringtone on Dropbox here.

Apart from the ringtone, “Tom yell” has taken on a life of its own on the internet, spawning memes and even supercuts by YouTube users featuring Cruise’s scream in place of the iconic “Wilhelm Scream” Hollywood sound effect in movies like Star Wars:


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