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See Concept's glasses can filter out light emitted from computer screens. — Photo courtesy of
See Concept's glasses can filter out light emitted from computer screens. — Photo courtesy of

SINGAPORE, Dec 2 — Staring at our computer screens for hours on end can really wreak havoc on our eyes: It can cause strain, dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, blurred vision, and neck and back pain. And with most of us spending more than 50 hours a week in front of a computer or using our mobile phones, we would have experienced one or more of the symptoms above.

The obvious solution would be to cut down on the amount of time we spend in front of our screens, but with most of us working primarily with computers, and a whole list of TV series to binge-watch on Netflix, it’s almost impossible to tear our eyes away.

However, one eyewear label has come up with a smart solution. French brand See Concept has a range of spectacles from its Screen Collection, that counteracts the glare of our computer screens.

The lenses on the glasses from the Screen Collection help filter out 40 per cent of the blue light emitted by our screens, so day-long computer usage becomes gentler on our eyes.

Not only does it prevent eye-strain, since the blue-light emitted by our computers and phones also affects our sleep patterns, these glasses can also help us hit the sack more easily at night.

They aren’t just functional, either — these glasses pack some serious style. They come in three classic shapes and seven colours for every personality — from bold red to funky green tortoiseshell.

See Concept also has a wide range of chic reading glasses for long-sighted folks and reading sunnies with or without prescription lenses in various shapes and finishes for young and old.

The brand has made its debut on our shores at a special pop-up at Robinsons The Heeren, with glasses costing between S$49 to S$69 (RM154 to RM216). ― TODAY

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