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Delphi to debut a cutting-edge autonomous car at CES

A Delphi autonomous car. — Delphi handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews
A Delphi autonomous car. — Delphi handout pic via AFP-Relaxnews

LAS VEGAS, Nov 30 — A new platform for self-driving cars that’s capable of identifying its position to within 10 centimetres is set to showcase its capabilities this January in Las Vegas.

The show car will boast something called Centralised Sensing Localisation and Planning (CSLP), a new system developed in partnership with MobilEye (the sensing company currently working with BMW and Intel on autonomous driving smarts).

What will make it stand out among the other self-driving cars at the 2017 CES is that every technological element in its system is best in class but, crucially, is already integrated into a platform which, according to the companies, can be used by any other carmaker to bring their vehicles right to the head of the pack.

More impressive still is that Delphi and MobilEye say that the system is on track for market launch in 2019.

But before that it will be wowing the crowds at CES by completing a specially developed driving course that mixes the intensity of inner-city driving with the speed and navigation problems presented by highways.

The 2017 International CES opens its doors on January 5. — AFP-Relaxnews

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