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Six held after Kepong midday street brawl

A screenshot of the fight in full swing.
A screenshot of the fight in full swing.

PETALING JAYA, Oct 19 — Police arrested six men in two groups involved in a mid-day street brawl in Jalan Metro Prima 2, Kepong, on Sunday

The fight apparently broke out after one of them accused a person from the other group of damaging his motorcycle. 

Armed with sticks, iron rods, stones, plastic chairs and even a mop, they exchanged blows, as weekend traffic drove by. 

A video of the incident has since gone viral, garnering over 61,000 views, with some viewers commenting on the lighter side of the conflict.  

After the clash, both groups lodged police reports at the Sentul police headquarters.

Sentul police chief ACP R. Munusamy said no one was seriously injured in the melee, except for one who suffered bruises on his body. 

Following investigations, police arrested three men from one group. 

“Later on, we nabbed another three men from the opposing group,” he said. 

“We are investigating if anyone from either group is affiliated to gangs.” 

Munusamy said the suspects were remanded until tomorrow with the case investigated as rioting with deadly weapons.

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