'Internet of Things' — cornerstone of modern society

Speakers with MCMC Senior Director Hj Aisharuddin (fifth from the left) together with John Tay (sixth from the left) and guests at the end of the seminar.
Speakers with MCMC Senior Director Hj Aisharuddin (fifth from the left) together with John Tay (sixth from the left) and guests at the end of the seminar.

CYBERJAYA, Aug 3 — “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a new term that people will begin to hear a lot as the next disruptive technology in business and our digital lifestyle as the nation progresses.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC) in collaboration with Intel and GS1 Malaysia organized the seminar themed “Internet of Things – A Disruptive Technology” supported by partners such as Axiomtek, Adlink, IBM, Advantech, IEI, NTels,  IconixTechnology, REDtone IoT and myMaker at MCMC recently.  

Guest speakers from Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia came together to share the latest IoT in Energy, Smart Building, Smart Cities, Industrial IoT together with maker communities showcasing their solutions and IoT best practices.

MCMC digital lifestyle and society department director John Tay said IoT was being used to improve the people’s standard of living and companies by enhancing economic growth, productivity and competitiveness with the use of intelligent sensors, machines and utilizing data analytics for business efficiency and operation in industries.

“Many countries including Malaysia are currently looking at implementing IoT in several ecosystem such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, healthcare and retail, and we are encouraging the businesses to adopt this as a new business economy transformation,” he said.

“Consumers would be able to have an efficient daily life with adoption of IoT as smart gadgets or sensors gather data and provide real time information for best decision making.”

He said the transformation of IoT has evolved to the extent of allowing a user to use technology at the tip of their fingers ubiquitously.

“Previously the only mode of connection to a computer was through a dial-up but now with the availability of broadband connection and wireless technology such as Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and others , we are able to connect any device, anytime and anywhere,” he said.

He said IoT could also be seen in the development of more and cost effective sensor chips, gateways,   and data analytics tools.

The sensors in robots or smart devices are able assist people as long as the consumer is willing to adopt new technology in their day-to-day lifestyle or in their business operation.

“For example, a consumer will be able to detect the number of empty parking lots available in a shopping mall, booking of parking lot, finding your car in parking lot and make your payment just by using a mobile application,” he said.

He said IoT would impact industries by boosting their financial growth as it would help merchants to manage their business better and create potential new business growth areas.

“We used to use cash 10 years ago and advanced to using debits cards but now the smart phone is all we need to make an instant payment to merchant,” he said.

He said retailers would be able to monitor their outlets as smart sensors and gadgets would provide them updates on all their retail operation daily in almost real time mode.

“They would be able to check the peak hour traffic in their store, the amount of customers frequenting them, inventory control and better value chain management and better customer experience.”

Tay said the rate around the world being aware of IoT in the past two years has escalated few folds compared to the past six years based on trending searches provided by Google as business and society are keen to know and explore the benefits of IoT in their business operation.

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