Hudud: Non-Muslims beware!

JUNE 14 ― As I sat down to write this piece, the news broke out ― a Jihadist shooter had just gone on a murderous rampage in Orlando, Florida. The target was a gay nightclub and so far, 50 people have been killed and even more injured. I think we can safely say that none of the victims were Muslims.

My critics would be up in arms at the above comment. How dare I bring up the Orlando shooting when discussing the issue of hudud for non-Muslims? What have the two to do with each other? Well, sad to say, a lot. The Islamofascist treatment of gays (they murder them by throwing them off cliffs or bulldozing buildings with gay persons in them!) must surely have told this Orlando shooter that it was ok to do what he did.

So back to our question ― will non-Muslims be affected by hudud law? At the moment, hudud proponents are gently saying that non-Muslims will not be affected by hudud and so please leave Malay-Muslims to their own affairs.

If this is meant to assuage non-Muslims, it can only work if they do not care about their fellow citizens who profess the Islamic faith. In other words, even though the Malay-Muslim citizens may lose their limbs and even their lives, it is okay as long as non-Muslims are not affected.

If non-Muslims buy into this divisive idea, then they are an uncaring lot. Probably MCA, MIC or Gerakan supporters who are still unable or unwilling to see the rakyat as one. I am happy to say that my non-Malay, non-Muslim friends are not like this. They tend to see the rakyat as a unified whole and would never allow any member of the rakyat to be oppressed.

The question still remains though, will non-Muslims be affected by hudud or not? I believe we can answer this question in a number of ways.

Let us first start with the theory of the Islamofascist state. The chicken or egg question which arises is, did the theory come first or was it born out of the existing state?

The theory came over a hundred years after the death of the Prophet and so, it was born out the existing state of the time. This was the absolute monarchical system which had no problem repressing even other Islamic sects, let alone non-Muslims.

Visitors kneel down and pray near a vigil for the shooting victims of Orlando's Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, June 13, 2016. ― Reuters pic
Visitors kneel down and pray near a vigil for the shooting victims of Orlando's Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, June 13, 2016. ― Reuters pic

Its system of law was for all. Non-Muslims did not have immunity from this system at all. In other words, this was civil law at the time. Let us remember that Perlis Mufti Asri Zainal Abidin also recently said that non-Muslims should not be exempt from hudud.

Some say Dr Asri was making a point that hudud was not applicable in Malaysia but that is not enough for me. Unless he outrightly condemns these barbaric practices, his point cannot be made.

Secondly, we do not live in apartheid conditions (despite Islamofascist attempts to realise that). There will no doubt be interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims as there has always been. What would happen when non-Muslims inadvertently encroach into Muslim territory?

We have already had unilateral conversions of children from divorces and body snatching by religious departments. What would happen when a Muslim is convicted for stealing and his non-Muslim partner is caught alongside him? Will he stand by and lose his limb while his partner with great relief goes to jail? Highly unlikely.

We are already living in a time where the Islamofascist authorities seek to force non-Muslims to respect Muslim practices. The Mufti of Kelantan urged non-Muslims a few days ago to dress appropriately and to not eat publicly during the month of Ramadan.

This is nothing short of a sense of entitlement and privilege on his part. It is the Muslims who are changing social norms with our fasting. Why should non-Muslims have to walk on eggshells simply not to upset us? What gives us the extra privilege? This country belongs to all of us, equally.

For non-Muslims who believe that hudud will not affect them, I urge you to open your eyes. Hudud is already affecting you and will affect you in a worse way if these policies go through.

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.

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