And now, Dr Zakir Naik presents ‘Islamic’ smartphone, version two

Screengrab of the Dr Zakir Naik's Peace Mobile website.
Screengrab of the Dr Zakir Naik's Peace Mobile website.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — Muslims can now purchase smartphones that are “blessed” with Islamic values and virtues on the Internet, through an invention said to be developed by controversial scholar Dr Zakir Naik.

Called the Peace Mobile 2, the phone claims to be “the world's only authentic Islamic android smartphone” and offers Islamic themes for its hundreds of wallpapers, ringtones and over 80 hours of the popular Mumbai-based televangelist’s talks through its PeaceTV application in three languages, including English.

“Dr Zakir Naik developed this with certified Islamic approved applications in addition to 80 hours of his teachings on PeaceTV. You get full access to his verified, authentic apps, and 80 exclusive hours of his teachings. Full access to PeaceTV anytime and anywhere on phone.

“Authentic Islamic Application-approved by Dr Zakir Naik, over 100 exclusive pieces of Islamic Art to set as wallpapers, and more than 200 Islamic ringtones,” according to a promotional poster for the smartphone on its website.

According to several blog posts, the first Peace Mobile was launched in 2013 by Dr Naik. The current version, Peace Mobile 2, was launched in 2014.

Peace Mobile’s website also contains a testimonial page that contained glowing reviews.

One testimonial by an alleged user praised it as the “best mobile phone on earth, may Allah (swt) bless Dr Zakir Naik.”

The phone is priced at US$249.95 (RM1,019.53) and can be ordered online at its website.

In comparison of price and specification, the phone, however, does not come close to the latest smartphones in the market that are priced similarly as it only comes with a 5-inch touch screen, one gigabit of integrated RAM and a piteous battery capacity of 2,000 mAH.

Dr Naik made headlines last month when he spoke in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Malacca on Islamic values.

Several Malaysian non-Muslims who attended his talks here were reported to have converted to Islam after listening to his lecture series.

However, his religious talks also drew criticisms from several non-Muslim groups including MIC and Hindu rights activist group Hindraf.

The Indian preacher allegedly insulted Hindus and their vegetarian practices in his talks before.

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