Muslim hubbies ‘despicable’ for letting women join pageants, Perak cleric says

Muslim men are considered 'despicable' if they allow their women to take part in beauty pageants, according to Perak deputy mufti Zamri Hashim. — File pic
Muslim men are considered 'despicable' if they allow their women to take part in beauty pageants, according to Perak deputy mufti Zamri Hashim. — File pic

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — Muslim men as considered “dayus” (despicable) if they allow their women to participate in beauty pageants or industries that are deemed under Islam as unsuitable for the fairer sex, Perak deputy mufti Zamri Hashim said.

Zamri urged Muslim men to do a better job of protecting the dignity of their women, claiming they have been increasingly lax in fulfilling their Islam-mandated responsibilities of looking out for those under their charge.

“As Muslim men, they are considered 'dayus' if they fail to take care of their women and allow their dignity to be lowered by letting them join beauty pageants and encouraging their involvement in fields not befitting their gender for the sake of gender equality,” he wrote today in an article carried by Malay daily Berita Harian.

In the article that appears to target Muslim husbands, Zamri told followers of Islam that the al-Quran dictates that it is the duty of the man to protect the Muslim women under their care.

He said men are seen as “dayus” if they allow their charges, which include their wife, children and employees, to live lives that lead to sin.

He said men are also considered “dayus” if they fail to use their God-entrusted powers to protect women from physical and emotional hardship, as well as from hell in the afterlife.

“But the reality today is that there are still husbands who have lost control of their wives, and fathers who are no longer able to control their children.

“Perhaps the matter of financial provision, food and shelter are not really the issues here, but how far have husbands and fathers fulfilled their responsibilities as the religious guardians of their wives and children?” he asked in the article titled “Suami tak boleh lembik jalankan tanggungjawab” (Husbands cannot be lax in carrying out responsibilities).

In listing examples of the purported failings of Muslim husbands, he said these include men allowing their wives and children to leave home without covering up their “aurat” (modesty), free mingling, disregard for basic religious obligations, and not feeling guilt when those under their care are unable to read the al-Quran.

According to Zamri, Prophet Muhammad said those who are “dayus” are among the three groups of people who will be forbidden by Allah SWT to enter paradise.

Citing Ibnu Umar's Riwayat al-Nasa'i, Zamri said Prophet Muhammad had said that he will ignore three groups of people during the apocalypse — those who have betrayed their parents; women who resemble and imitate men; and those who are “dayus.”

He also quoted a hadith or teachings attributed to Prophet Muhammad, which he said was recorded by Ahmad: “Three groups forbidden by Allah SWT to enter heaven are alcoholics, those who betrayed their parents and 'dayus,' which are those who mengiyakan (approve of) bad things happening in their families.”

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