Here are the YouTube ads you made most popular in Malaysia last year (VIDEO)

A screengrab of the Malaysia Airlines’ ‘Chinese New Year 2015 Short Film’ that was the most watched YouTube ad in Malaysia last year.
A screengrab of the Malaysia Airlines’ ‘Chinese New Year 2015 Short Film’ that was the most watched YouTube ad in Malaysia last year.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 — Let’s face it, advertising is essential for business and it’s the best way to communicate with the customer. But what actually constitutes as a good ad?

To find out, we can take a look at YouTube Malaysia Ads leaderboard for the year 2015 which has just been released by Google Malaysia. The leaderboard celebrates the brands that performed best in Malaysia through a combination of popularity and promotion.

Coming in tops was Malaysia Airlines’ “Chinese New Year 2015 Short Film” while its “Hari Raya 2015 Short Film” bagged the third spot. The top ad has been viewed over 1.6 million times and follows Mary Anne as she shares her story and finds it in her heart to see the blessing in everything during Chinese New Year.

Petronas’ “Raya 2015 Sampai Hati” ad was ranked in second place for most views. Based on the leaderboard, it’s clear that ads that tell great, emotional stories around the theme of family, homecoming and nostalgia bode well with audiences.

“These ads show the amazing creativity alive today in the Malaysian ad industry — and it’s creativity that would not otherwise exist without digital’s ‘canvas’,” said Sajith Sivanandan, managing director of Google Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and New Emerging Markets.

“Sometimes digital can seem to be all about technology, but the real promise of digital video ads is that it frees up brands and agencies to spend more time doing what they do best — getting creative — leaving computers to figure out the hard stuff like when and where to show an ad.”

Astro Gempak’s “Raya 2015 Iklan Aidilfitri Astro Kosong Kosong “was the fourth most viewed ad followed by Hotlink’s “Grannies Sing Ohhsome Hotlink CNY Song”.

Here’s the list of ads that made it to the Top 10 YouTube Malaysia ads list for 2015:

1. Malaysia Airlines — BLESSINGS, A Malaysian story, #keepflying, Chinese New Year 2015 short film  

2. Petronas — #PETRONASRaya 2015: Sampai Hati  

3. Malaysia Airlines — FITRAH, A Malaysian Story, #bettertomorrow, Hari Raya 2015 Short Film  

4. Astro Gempak — [Raya 2015] Iklan Aidilfitri Astro Kosong Kosong, Kisah Benar Herman  

5. Hotlink — Hotlink 恭喜發財: Grannies Sing Ohhsome Hotlink CNY Song!  

6. Samsung — Samsung Galaxy Note5: Official Introduction  

7. Nestle — Nestle Koko Krunch | Watch the Minions get up to their usual mischief!  

8. Honda —2015 Honda HR-V: See Amazing From Every Angle (TVC)  

9. Clear Malaysia — CLEAR  Pelangi Cinta: Webisod 2: Cinta Berputik  

10. Knife — 刀标油感人短片 - 加油 | Add Oil - A short film by Knife

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