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2021/07/31 UN calls on countries need to be more ambitious in climate goals
2021/07/31 Asean hopes to finalise appointment of special envoy to Myanmar next week
2021/07/31 UK urges pregnant women to get vaccinated given variant risks
2021/07/31 Israel pushes for UN action against Iran over deadly ship attack
2021/07/31 Protests, accusations against Myanmar junta ahead of coup anniversary
2021/07/31 Covid-19 cases surge in Sydney, police cordon off downtown to prevent rally
2021/07/31 US judge tells lawyers in Ghislaine Maxwell case to watch what they say
2021/07/31 China fights Covid-19 surge as Japan extends emergency during Olympics
2021/07/31 US issues new Cuba sanctions, Biden promises more to come
2021/07/31 In one-two punch to Trump, Justice Dept OK’s release of taxes, memo
2021/07/31 Covid-19: ‘War has changed’, CDC says, calling for new response to Delta variant
2021/07/31 Russia blames software glitch after space station briefly thrown out of control
2021/07/31 Wildfires highlight need for climate action, says Biden
2021/07/30 US VP Harris to visit Vietnam, Singapore, says White House
2021/07/30 Russia opens case against WhatsApp for violating personal data law
2021/07/30 UK virus cases rose after recent easing of rules, says survey
2021/07/30 Covid vaccine protection highly likely to wane over time, UK advisers say
2021/07/30 FBI probe shows amount of chemicals in Beirut blast was a fraction of original shipment
2021/07/30 England’s Covid R and daily case rate drop slightly
2021/07/30 Dropping anti-Covid measures during vaccine rollout ‘risks resistant variants’
2021/07/30 China nuclear reactor shut down for ‘maintenance’, says operator
2021/07/30 Bulgaria president moves to break post-election stalemate
2021/07/30 Myanmar militia hunts for bodies after clash with army, reports media
2021/07/30 Israel’s president gets third Covid-19 shot, urges boosters for over-60s
2021/07/30 Vietnam taps private hospitals as Delta-driven Covid-19 infections rise
2021/07/30 100,000 children in Tigray at risk of death from malnutrition, says Unicef
2021/07/30 Japan’s daily Covid-19 cases at record-high 10,743 on Friday, reports NHK
2021/07/30 Japan's Suga announces extended state of emergency in Japan
2021/07/30 Australia PM says need 80pc of adult population vaccinated before reopening
2021/07/30 First Hong Konger convicted of national security crime jailed for nine years
2021/07/30 First batch of US donated Pfizer vaccines arrives in Thailand
2021/07/30 Myanmar democracy movement moves out of jailed Suu Kyi’s shadow
2021/07/30 What’s happening in Myanmar, six months after the coup?
2021/07/30 Philippines to place Manila area in lockdown to curb Delta spread
2021/07/30 Philippines’ Duterte fully restores troop pact with United States
2021/07/30 China reports 64 new Covid-19 cases as Delta resurgence continues in Nanjing
2021/07/30 Sydney readies for the army as lockdown fails to squash Delta outbreak
2021/07/30 Peru’s Castillo names Marxist party member as prime minister
2021/07/30 Japan proposes adding four regions to Covid-19 emergency, says minister
2021/07/30 Brazil’s Bolsonaro escalates rhetoric over electoral fraud
2021/07/30 Forest fires rage near Turkish resorts, killing four
2021/07/30 UK to begin global vaccine rollout to Commonwealth, Asian nations including Malaysia
2021/07/30 Britain warns UN of ‘dire’ Covid situation in Myanmar
2021/07/30 Afghan forces repel Taliban attack on outskirts of western city
2021/07/30 Taliban admit killing Afghan comic beaten in viral video
2021/07/30 Biden steps up efforts to fight virus surge fuelled by Delta variant
2021/07/29 Britain reports 31,117 daily Covid-19 cases, 85 deaths
2021/07/29 Biden seeks to extend protections from eviction amid Covid-19 spike
2021/07/29 EU health body warns against visiting popular Greek islands over Covid-19
2021/07/29 Israel to offer Pfizer booster jab to the over 60s, say reports