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2021/06/20 Taliban say ‘Islamic system’ only way to Afghan peace, women’s rights
2021/06/20 Swedish PM Lofven offers housing compromise to stave off no-confidence vote
2021/06/20 Post-war Armenia holds snap parliamentary election
2021/06/20 Taiwanese staff to leave Hong Kong office in ‘one China’ row
2021/06/20 One killed as truck hits crowd at Florida Pride parade
2021/06/20 Gains seen for far-right in French regional polls
2021/06/20 Myanmar protesters wear flowers to mark Suu Kyi’s birthday
2021/06/20 US marks slavery’s end on new ‘Juneteenth’ national holiday
2021/06/20 Brazilians protest Bolsonaro's role in half a million Covid-19 deaths
2021/06/20 Five dead in Belgium school collapse
2021/06/20 Biden goes to church a day after challenge from bishops on abortion
2021/06/19 Moscow records pandemic high for Covid cases for second day running
2021/06/19 Putin promises Russians billions in spending ahead of polls
2021/06/19 Indonesia to get Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine from August
2021/06/19 US triples vaccines for Taiwan with 2.5 million-dose shipment
2021/06/19 Pope puts Robert Schuman, a father of Europe, on sainthood path
2021/06/19 India ask states to ‘carefully calibrate’ lockdown easing
2021/06/19 South China airport cancels flights after Covid case
2021/06/19 Ultraconservative Raisi elected Iran president as rivals concede
2021/06/19 Cambodia reports 20 deaths from Covid-19, record for single day
2021/06/19 Australian police arrest man over alleged Islamic State membership
2021/06/19 Apple Daily editor, CEO denied bail in Hong Kong
2021/06/19 Shenzhen airport tightens Covid-19 measures as China logs 30 new cases
2021/06/19 BioNTech Covid-19 shots have stronger antibody response than Sinovac, Hong Kong study shows
2021/06/19 Flower protests in Myanmar for Suu Kyi's 76th birthday
2021/06/19 Australia's largest state records two new local Covid-19 cases
2021/06/19 Palestinians cancel deal to trade Covid-19 vaccine doses with Israel
2021/06/19 'Apocalyptic' heat wave scorches US Southwest again
2021/06/19 Crowds gather for hearing of two Apple Daily executives on national security charge
2021/06/19 HRW urges Egypt to commute death penalties for Brotherhood members
2021/06/19 Argentine lab makes first half million doses of Russian Covid-19 vaccine
2021/06/19 N.Korea's Kim tightens ruling party discipline, appoints new politburo members
2021/06/19 Pentagon: US cutting forces, missile batteries in Middle East
2021/06/19 United Nations calls for halt of weapons to Myanmar
2021/06/19 Biden, Harris urge Covid-19 vaccinations as US looks likely to miss July 4 target
2021/06/19 Judge under US sanctions set to take over Iran presidency
2021/06/18 Kremlin blames vaccine hesitancy as Delta variant drives Moscow surge
2021/06/18 Italy re-imposes quarantine on arrivals from Britain
2021/06/18 In political gamble, Spain’s PM readies pardons for jailed Catalan separatists
2021/06/18 UK Conservatives lose safe seat in major upset
2021/06/18 Life sentence sought for ‘Hotel Rwanda’ hero
2021/06/18 Moscow extends Covid-19 restrictions, closes Euro 2020 fan zones
2021/06/18 UK PM Johnson suffers embarrassing by-election defeat
2021/06/18 S.Korea to mix-and-match Covid-19 vaccine doses for 760,000 people
2021/06/18 Taiwan allows Foxconn's Gou, TSMC to negotiate for Covid-19 vaccines
2021/06/18 White House to finish allocating 80 million US-made Covid-19 shots for shipment abroad
2021/06/18 Sydney reinstates masks to contain Delta Covid-19 variant
2021/06/18 Chinese apps could face subpoenas or bans under Biden order, say sources
2021/06/18 Taiwan says 240,000 Covid-19 Moderna doses to arrive today
2021/06/18 Iran election set to hand presidency to hardline judge