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2020/06/30 Netanyahu hides cards on eve of Israel ‘annexations’ date
2020/06/30 EU agrees ‘safe’ travel list, excluding United States
2020/06/30 US Supreme Court allows public money for religious schools in major ruling
2020/06/30 Australia to boost defence spending as China tensions rise
2020/06/30 Iran passes death sentence, upholds jail term in French-linked cases
2020/06/30 Hong Kong leader says national security law won’t undermine autonomy
2020/06/30 Belgian king expresses ‘deepest regrets’ over DR Congo colonial past
2020/06/30 Taliban say Afghan peace effort figured in video talks with US’s Pompeo
2020/06/30 Philippine doctors shield families with 'quarantent,' safe spaces
2020/06/30 Australia's Victoria state introduces suburban lockdowns to curb new outbreaks
2020/06/30 Japan calls China's move on Hong Kong 'regrettable'
2020/06/30 US N. Korea envoy doubts new Trump-Kim summit
2020/06/30 Philanthropists save Australia's AAP newswire from closure
2020/06/30 Taiwan warns citizens of risk in Hong Kong visits after China passes law
2020/06/30 Ex-police officer pleads guilty to 'Golden State Killer' murders in California
2020/06/30 US says Putin seeking to stay in power for life
2020/06/30 New Zealand says Apec 2021 to be virtual summit
2020/06/30 China reports 19 new Covid-19 cases, including 7 in Beijing
2020/06/30 India's first Covid-19 vaccine candidate approved for human trials
2020/06/30 China passes Hong Kong security law amid global opposition
2020/06/30 South Australia state cancels border reopening after virus spike
2020/06/30 WHO says pandemic 'not even close' to over as deaths pass 500,000
2020/06/30 Thailand to re-open bars and allow in some foreign travellers
2020/06/30 US begins to pare back Hong Kong's special status
2020/06/30 India bans 59 mostly Chinese apps amid border crisis
2020/06/30 Facing criticism, White House to brief Democrats on reports Russia paid Taliban to kill US troops
2020/06/30 More US states step back from reopening as Covid-19 cases surge
2020/06/30 New swine flu found in China has pandemic potential
2020/06/30 Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns towards protesters
2020/06/29 Top Democrat asks US spy chiefs for briefing on Russia bounty reports
2020/06/29 In major ruling, US Supreme Court strikes down strict Louisiana abortion law
2020/06/29 Iran issues warrant for Trump over killing of top general
2020/06/29 US Supreme Court upholds curb on overseas AIDS funding
2020/06/29 ‘It’s my dam’: Ethiopians unite around Nile River mega-project
2020/06/29 Iran prosecutor says human error led to shooting down of Ukrainian airliner
2020/06/29 Nine bodies found in new Libya mass grave, say pro-govt forces
2020/06/29 Former French PM Fillon and wife to appeal court sentence
2020/06/29 French ex-PM Fillon gets two-year term in fake job scandal
2020/06/29 Man appears in court over three stabbing deaths in English town
2020/06/29 Assange surprised by timing of new US indictment
2020/06/29 Distorted Chinese, Russian virus news takes root in West, says study
2020/06/29 Israel’s Gantz said date for West Bank annexation talks “not sacred”, says party source
2020/06/29 Global coronavirus deaths top half a million
2020/06/29 Greens up pressure on Macron after French election wins
2020/06/29 Duda leads in Polish presidential vote, official results reveal
2020/06/29 Bangladesh ferry accident kills at least 23
2020/06/29 China says will restrict visas for some Americans over Hong Kong row
2020/06/29 CanSino’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate approved for military use in China
2020/06/29 Man arrested over fatal shooting in Kentucky park at centre of protests
2020/06/29 South Korea urges staggered vacations, warns against gatherings as coronavirus cases rise