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2020/05/26 Aide to British PM Cummings says he doesn’t regret lockdown trip
2020/05/25 Top Egypt medical union warns of health system ‘collapse’
2020/05/25 Israel’s Netanyahu says he won’t miss West Bank annexation opportunity
2020/05/25 Italy recruits volunteers to control crowds as lockdown eases
2020/05/25 Mongolia to maintain strict virus regulations ‘until vaccine found’
2020/05/25 India snake-bite assassin killed wife at second attempt
2020/05/25 Sweden coronavirus deaths pass 4,000, say health authorities
2020/05/25 Madagascar sends troops, doctors to virus-hit eastern town
2020/05/25 Poland new Supreme Court chief accused of political bias
2020/05/25 Thai researcher eyes affordable, accessible coronavirus vaccine for SE Asia
2020/05/25 Trump warns he may move Republican convention site from NC
2020/05/25 Merkel in tug-of-war with states over virus safety rules
2020/05/25 Denmark to let cross-border couples meet - if they show photos, love letters
2020/05/25 Putin back in Kremlin, Russia looks to ease lockdown in some regions
2020/05/25 German government, regions tussle over reopening from lockdowns
2020/05/25 Palestinians easing coronavirus restrictions in West Bank
2020/05/25 Aide to British PM at centre of scandal to make statement, says media
2020/05/25 Myanmar updates UN court on ‘confidential’ Rohingya measures
2020/05/25 German govt considering social easing, but restrictions to remain, says report
2020/05/25 Hong Kong police embrace China’s security law plan
2020/05/25 ‘What planet are they on?’ No respite for UK’s Johnson and aide
2020/05/25 Belgium will not return to tough lockdown, says minister
2020/05/25 344 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore, tally stands at 31,960
2020/05/25 China space programme targets July launch for Mars mission
2020/05/25 China media seize on video of HK protesters beating lawyer
2020/05/25 Pakistani families mourn plane crash victims, no Aidilfitri celebration
2020/05/25 Philippine leader answers call of workers begging to go home
2020/05/25 Thailand reports 2 new coronavirus cases, 1 more death
2020/05/25 New South Wales urges parents to work from home as schools reopen
2020/05/25 Thousands without power in Western Australia after once in a decade storm
2020/05/25 Singaporean cooks up Hari Raya feast for migrant workers in lockdown
2020/05/25 Japan to end Tokyo's state of emergency
2020/05/25 South African president says lockdown to ease from June 1
2020/05/25 HK security chief warns of growing 'terrorism' as govt backs Beijing's planned security laws
2020/05/25 US coronavirus response fatally 'chaotic,' says Noam Chomsky
2020/05/25 Australia begins wide-ranging enquiry into deadly bushfires
2020/05/25 Afghan president to free up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners after ceasefire offer
2020/05/25 Chile's hospitals under strain as coronavirus cases near 70,000, president says
2020/05/25 China reports 11 new mainland Covid-19 cases vs 3 a day earlier
2020/05/25 Taiwan promises 'necessary assistance' to Hong Kong's people
2020/05/25 Five dead in blast during Somalia Aidilfitri festivities, say police
2020/05/25 France has lowest daily rise in new coronavirus cases and deaths since lockdown
2020/05/25 Six women prisoners murdered by inmates in Honduras
2020/05/25 Austrian president sorry for breaching restaurant virus curfew
2020/05/25 Philippines investigates suicide of maid at embassy shelter in Lebanon
2020/05/25 Americans pass pandemic holiday on beaches, in parks as death toll nears 100,000
2020/05/25 First signs if a Covid-19 vaccine works possible in autumn, says Gavi alliance
2020/05/25 UK PM faces cabinet revolt over senior adviser who violated lockdown, reports the Sun
2020/05/25 Jacinda Ardern stays cool as earthquake rattles New Zealand capital
2020/05/25 India domestic flights to resume, but Covid-19 cases rise