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2020/03/31 US coronavirus deaths reach 3,393, exceeding death toll in China, according to Reuters tally
2020/03/31 Macron announces push to produce coronavirus masks, ventilators
2020/03/31 Top US expert sees ‘glimmers’ social distancing dampening virus spread
2020/03/31 Coronavirus death toll in Italy’s Lombardy rises by around 381 in a day, says source
2020/03/31 US Army Corps to build hundreds of temporary hospitals for coronavirus crisis
2020/03/31 Coronavirus may kill, but so does hunger, says Brazil’s Bolsonaro
2020/03/31 Swedish government says to increase virus testing
2020/03/31 EU urges limits on virus powers as Hungary adopts crisis law
2020/03/31 South Africa probes hundreds of complaints of excessive pricing
2020/03/31 Singapore warns firms to enable home-working as coronavirus cases rise to 926
2020/03/31 US FDA authorises use of new two-minute test kit for coronavirus
2020/03/31 Surrogate mothers from Cambodia given suspended jail terms in landmark case
2020/03/31 Mass disinfections to combat coronavirus pose another health hazard
2020/03/31 Covid-19: Jokowi announces health emergency in Indonesia
2020/03/31 In Africa, six nations seem so far to be spared coronavirus
2020/03/31 Thousands of French students ‘lost’ amid school shutdown, says minister
2020/03/31 Tanzania records first death from coronavirus
2020/03/31 Guinean president announces virus curfew
2020/03/31 German city follows Austria and stipulates face masks for shoppers
2020/03/31 Taiwan to push social distancing in coronavirus fight, but no fines yet
2020/03/31 India cracks down on Muslim missionary group linked to coronavirus cases
2020/03/31 Japan's Abe, deputy avoid joint meetings to cut Covid-19 risk as lockdown pressure builds
2020/03/31 'Grim Sleeper' serial killer dies in California prison
2020/03/31 South African policeman arrested for murder amid virus lockdown
2020/03/31 Despair and pride in China's Wuhan as coronavirus lockdown eases
2020/03/31 Up to two years in jail for spitting on police in Belgium
2020/03/31 US states accused of using Covid-19 to close abortion clinics
2020/03/31 Indonesia to suspend all foreign arrivals, barring a few exceptions
2020/03/31 Coronavirus epidemic 'far from over' in Asia, warns WHO official
2020/03/31 Myanmar reports first coronavirus death as case numbers rise
2020/03/31 Australia's NSW state calls end to brutal fire season
2020/03/31 South Korea to open schools online, reschedule college exam
2020/03/31 France sees worst daily death toll as army ferries critical virus patients
2020/03/31 China reports rise in new coronavirus cases due to imported infections
2020/03/31 UK epidemic is slowing, antibody test could soon be ready, say advisers
2020/03/31 US spies find coronavirus spread in China, North Korea, Russia hard to chart
2020/03/31 Human testing for Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine this fall
2020/03/31 Italy to extend coronavirus lockdown until Easter as new cases fall
2020/03/31 Japan destroyer, China fishing boat in collision, media reports
2020/03/31 Brazil's Bolsonaro urges no more coronavirus quarantine, says jobs being lost
2020/03/31 Trump says coronavirus guidelines may get tougher, 1 million Americans tested
2020/03/31 Australia enacts sweeping lockdown powers to combat coronavirus spread
2020/03/31 Global lockdown tightens as Covid-19 deaths mount
2020/03/31 US Covid-19 death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day
2020/03/31 Indian police fire tear gas at jobless workers defying coronavirus lockdown
2020/03/30 Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch museum during coronavirus shutdown
2020/03/30 India reels from migrant worker coronavirus exodus
2020/03/30 Saudi king offers to pay for coronavirus patients’ treatment
2020/03/30 Colombia’s ELN guerrillas declare unilateral cease-fire amid coronavirus
2020/03/30 Israel's Netanyahu under precautionary Covid-19 quarantine