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2020/02/29 Hong Kong police fire tear gas as black-clad protesters return to streets
2020/02/29 France bans gatherings of more than 5,000 due to coronavirus
2020/02/29 Turkey’s Erdogan asks Russia’s Putin to step aside in Syria
2020/02/29 US-Taliban set to sign troop withdrawal deal as top US officials land in Doha, Kabul
2020/02/29 Japan’s Abe vows fresh emergency package against virus
2020/02/29 Biden seeks decisive South Carolina win to breathe life into presidential bid
2020/02/29 Italian regional chief sorry for saying Chinese eat ‘live mice’
2020/02/29 Taiwan accuses China of waging cyber ‘war’ to disrupt virus fight
2020/02/29 Top British home office mandarin quits in minister bullying row
2020/02/29 South Korea virus cases surge as WHO sounds maximum alert
2020/02/29 Turkey says it destroyed ‘chemical warfare facility’ in Syria
2020/02/29 Slovaks poised to oust ruling Smer party in election clouded by graft
2020/02/29 Afghans hope for peace as US-Taliban set for troop withdrawal deal
2020/02/29 Trump wins bid to block McGahn testimony sought by House Democrats
2020/02/29 Bombardment intensifies in Tripoli despite truce
2020/02/29 US reports third case of novel coronavirus of unknown origin
2020/02/29 Putin's youngest daughter to run artificial intelligence institute
2020/02/29 UN chief recommends ministers, diplomats skip travelling to meeting due to Covid-19 risks
2020/02/29 Guinea-Bissau PM sacked after soldiers seen occupying office
2020/02/29 Christian woman in Pakistan blasphemy row: I've been invited to live in France
2020/02/29 Kim warns of 'serious consequences' if virus reaches North Korea
2020/02/29 South Korea tells citizens to stay home at 'critical moment' in virus battle
2020/02/29 Train, bus collision kills at least 18 in Pakistan, say officials
2020/02/29 Mainland China, excluding Hubei, reports lowest new daily virus infections
2020/02/29 New Covid-19 case of unknown origin in California, US to push production of protective gear
2020/02/29 Fire in Paris, train station partly evacuated during protests
2020/02/29 A small Delhi hospital overwhelmed by wave of violence
2020/02/29 US postpones summit with Asean leaders amid Covid-19 fears, say sources
2020/02/29 WHO raises global virus risk to maximum level
2020/02/29 Biden, Sanders blast Trump amid coronavirus fears
2020/02/28 Greece blocks migrants on border with Turkey
2020/02/28 Assange’s UK extradition hearing paused until May
2020/02/28 Mexico confirms first coronavirus cases in two men returned from Italy
2020/02/28 Chinese bomber flies over Taiwan Strait as tensions rise
2020/02/28 Iran reports eight new coronavirus deaths, raising toll to 34
2020/02/28 Afghanistan partial truce holds on eve of US-Taliban deal
2020/02/28 Dubai’s ruler loses appeal to stop publication of judgements in UK court battle with ex-wife
2020/02/28 Nato offers Turkey solidarity but no pledges after Syria troop losses
2020/02/28 British passenger of virus-hit Japan ship dies
2020/02/28 Japan PM triggers uproar with call to close all schools as Hokkaido declares coronavirus emergency
2020/02/28 Rumble Down Under: Ardern, Morrison clash in fiery meeting
2020/02/28 Turkey opens frontier for Syrian refugees to enter Europe after strike kills troops
2020/02/28 Pope ill for second day, postpones audiences but working
2020/02/28 Turkish reprisals kill 16 Syria troops, says monitor
2020/02/28 Germany quarantines 1,000 as coronavirus cases push past 50
2020/02/28 Greece boosts border patrols as Turkey says will release refugees
2020/02/28 Nato envoys to meet to discuss Syria at Turkey’s request
2020/02/28 Nigeria braces as coronavirus hits megacity Lagos
2020/02/28 Russian warships transit Bosphorus as Turkey tensions soar
2020/02/28 Door not shut for saving US-Philippines defence pact, says envoy