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2020/02/20 Two passengers from coronavirus-hit cruise ship in Japan die as public criticism grows
2020/02/20 Long-time Trump adviser Stone to be sentenced by judge he antagonised
2020/02/20 Mexico arrests suspects in killing of seven-year-old girl
2020/02/20 Top Pentagon official resigns at Trump's request
2020/02/20 Canada PM denounces 'unacceptable' situation amid rail blockades
2020/02/20 'Could you live on US$170 a month?' Russian woman asks Putin
2020/02/20 Former Democratic presidential hopeful Yang joins CNN as commentator
2020/02/20 Russia warns Turkey, blocks UN bid to end Syria bloodshed
2020/02/20 Trump names US envoy to Germany acting director of national intelligence
2020/02/20 Turkey raises stir as philanthropist re-arrested after acquittal
2020/02/20 French judges step up Ghosn probe over palace party, Oman dealings
2020/02/20 Should Facebook, Google be liable for user posts? asks US Attorney General Barr
2020/02/20 Tranquil Thailand's gun culture in spotlight after shooting sprees
2020/02/20 Eight people killed in shootings near Frankfurt, police giving chase
2020/02/20 China reports large drop in new Covid-19 cases in province at heart of outbreak
2020/02/20 Rains mock drought-stricken Australian town as climate risks hit home
2020/02/20 Two Iranians die after testing positive for coronavirus, says official
2020/02/20 Trump offered to pardon Assange if he denied Russia helped leak Democrats' emails, says lawyer
2020/02/19 Parents of Pakistan students in China virus epicentre vent anger at ministers
2020/02/19 Swedish prosecutor says may be close to solving Palme’s 1986 murder
2020/02/19 Covid-19: 3 new cases diagnosed, including 2 linked to existing clusters
2020/02/19 Finland’s foreign minister faces probe over Syria repatriations
2020/02/19 Brussels bristles at ‘dishonest’ UK government tweet
2020/02/19 Sri Lanka says will not honour UN pledge on war probe
2020/02/19 Muted reaction to Afghan poll result despite warlord's rallying cry
2020/02/19 China’s Xi urges more protection for medical workers after deaths
2020/02/19 Pompeo takes veiled swipe at China on final leg of Africa trip
2020/02/19 China ‘virtual idol’ avatars mocked and removed amid coronavirus crisis
2020/02/19 China HIV patients risk running out of AIDS drugs in days, says UNAIDS
2020/02/19 Two test positive for coronavirus in Iran,says health ministry spokesman
2020/02/19 Turkey threatens action on Syria as Russian-backed government offensive pushes towards border
2020/02/19 Britain heralds end of 'cheap labour from Europe' with Brexit immigration system
2020/02/19 China expels Wall Street Journal reporters for ‘Sick Man’ headline
2020/02/19 South Korea coronavirus cases jump by two-thirds in one day
2020/02/19 West Bank teen killed in clash with Palestinian security, says ministry
2020/02/19 Al-Shabaab militants attack two Somali military bases
2020/02/19 Former South Korean president jailed after losing appeal
2020/02/19 Pounded by critics, Japan defends handling of virus outbreak
2020/02/19 Mid-air plane collision kills four in Australia
2020/02/19 Lesotho ruling party gives PM resignation deadline
2020/02/19 Turkey issues fresh detention request after surprise acquittal in protest trial
2020/02/19 Russian artist under investigation over French sexting row
2020/02/19 Prisoner 3870, alias 'El Chapo,' appears in rare Mexican video
2020/02/19 Facebook says 'deeply concerned' about Singapore's order to block page
2020/02/19 US Attorney General Barr said to consider quitting over Trump tweets
2020/02/19 Thai police arrest gunman for killing ex-wife at shopping mall
2020/02/19 US to tighten rules on China state media
2020/02/19 Second Hong Kong Covid-19 death as it awaits stranded cruise passengers
2020/02/19 Canada PM calls for peaceful solution to crippling rail blockades
2020/02/19 South Korea reports 15 new cases of coronavirus