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2020/11/01 France’s Macron seeks to calm tensions with Muslims
2020/10/31 Dutch PM Rutte to seek fourth term
2020/10/31 US forces free American hostage in Nigeria
2020/10/31 Iraq reopens Tahrir Square, epicentre of revolt in Baghdad
2020/10/31 Iran expands anti-virus measures as calls for lockdown grow
2020/10/31 Macron says can ‘understand’ shock of cartoons
2020/10/31 Austria readies new Covid curbs as daily infections stay above 5,000
2020/10/31 Greece to shut most bars, restaurants in country for month from Tuesday
2020/10/31 More than 150 evacuated from Russian coronavirus hospital after fire
2020/10/31 Georgia lawmakers seek jail reform after Reuters investigation
2020/10/31 China local authority warns of coronavirus on packaging of imported Brazilian pork
2020/10/31 Taiwan celebrates equality, coronavirus success in Asia’s largest Pride march
2020/10/31 Ivory Coast votes for president in test of post-war stability
2020/10/31 Indonesia reports 3,143 new coronavirus infections, 87 new deaths
2020/10/31 UK’s Johnson considering new national lockdown for England, reports media
2020/10/31 Czech Republic reports 13,605 coronavirus cases, 216 deaths
2020/10/31 Philippines reports 1,803 new coronavirus cases, 36 more deaths
2020/10/31 Thai students pose with ‘dissidents’ in graduation protest
2020/10/31 Australia’s Melbourne enjoys first weekend out of lockdown as Covid-19 cases dwindle
2020/10/31 China suspends imports from Ecuadorian company after coronavirus found on seafood packaging
2020/10/31 Philippines orders evacuation as world's strongest 2020 typhoon approaches
2020/10/31 Church attack in Nice: What we know so far
2020/10/31 Hezbollah chief urges France to back down over Prophet cartoons
2020/10/31 Anti-France protests draw thousands in Asia, Middle East
2020/10/31 Angry French city asks after church attack: Why us again?
2020/10/31 Belgium, with EU’s worst Covid numbers, ducks full lockdown
2020/10/31 US fights delay in extraditing Carlos Ghosn’s accused escape plotters to Japan
2020/10/31 Italy posts daily record of over 31,000 new coronavirus cases
2020/10/31 Three Thai protest leaders re-arrested, one carried from van
2020/10/31 Spain’s Covid-19 infections rise by 25,595 in new daily record
2020/10/31 Protesters clash with police over Covid-19 restrictions in Barcelona
2020/10/31 France tightens security after Nice attack, protests flare in parts of Muslim world
2020/10/31 With election looming, US faces record surge of coronavirus cases
2020/10/31 Trump derides doctors as Covid surges, Biden says Trump ‘giving up’ on virus
2020/10/31 Death toll rises to 22, as major quake hits Turkey, Greece
2020/10/30 ‘Unafraid’ pope to escalate Vatican corruption fight
2020/10/30 Six dead, buildings collapse as major quake hits Turkey, Greec
2020/10/30 Ukraine president calls for court reshuffle after graft laws blocked
2020/10/30 Jerusalem-born man gets US passport listing ‘Israel’ as birthplace
2020/10/30 Germany asks Libya’s Sarraj to delay resignation
2020/10/30 Six dead, 35 missing in El Salvador mud slide
2020/10/30 Gunmen kill 21 people in NW Nigeria
2020/10/30 France back in coronavirus lockdown as US surges to daily record
2020/10/30 Nice residents mourn church attack dead as official warns of more militant attacks
2020/10/30 Greta Thunberg takes climate strike online again as Sweden’s Covid-19 cases mount
2020/10/30 Hundreds protest after Ukraine court blocks graft laws
2020/10/30 Suspected Nice attacker’s family say he showed no signs of extremism
2020/10/30 Warring sides in Geneva for talks over Karabakh
2020/10/30 Thousands stage anti-France protests in Bangladesh, Pakistan
2020/10/30 Counter ‘hate speech’, UN rights chief says after France slayings