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2019/12/07 Pope meets with Maltese PM hit y scandal over reporter’s murder
2019/12/07 Thousands in Myanmar rally behind Suu Kyi ahead of Hague court date
2019/12/07 Drone hits Iraq cleric’s home as tensions rise after Baghdad attack
2019/12/07 China’s top diplomat tells Pompeo US should stop interfering in China’s internal affairs
2019/12/07 Democrats to spend weekend dradting impeachment charges against Trump
2019/12/07 UK minister says concerned about election interference after leak of documents linked to Russia
2019/12/07 Hong Kong police to take both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approaches against protests
2019/12/07 Kenya police officers among 10 killed in bus attack
2019/12/07 Qaboos of Oman to undergo medial checks in Belgium
2019/12/07 Qatar FM says ‘some progress’ in mending Gulf rift
2019/12/07 Protesters clash with police as Chile unrest enters 5oth day
2019/12/07 US resumes talks with Taliban in Doha
2019/12/07 Giant fire near Sydney may burn for weeks as people struggle to breathe
2019/12/07 Trump pulls back on designating Mexico cartels as ‘terror’ groups
2019/12/07 No let-up in French strikes with fresh turmoil awaited
2019/12/07 Official documents shed light on Tokyo’s role in ‘comfort women’, says report
2019/12/07 Military base shooter assailed US as ‘nation of evil’
2019/12/07 Indian rape victim dies in hospital after being set ablaze
2019/12/07 Trump, S. Korea’s Moon discuss trying to maintain talks with N.Korea
2019/12/07 Locals cheer Morales exit in ex-Bolivia leader’s former fiefdom
2019/12/07 White House rejects participation in ‘baseless’ impeachment probe
2019/12/07 UK election: Parties take battle for ideas to social media
2019/12/07 Trump impeachment: Democrats failing to win over Republicans
2019/12/07 Elon Musk cleared of defamation over ‘pedo guy’ tweet
2019/12/07 In warning to Netanyahu, US House endorses two-state solution
2019/12/07 UK election rivals face off for final time ahead of poll
2019/12/07 Twelve protesters killed in Baghdad attack as US imposes new sanctions
2019/12/06 China hopes to ‘strengthen cooperation’ with Hong Kong police
2019/12/06 Gas explosion kills five in apartment block in Slovakia
2019/12/06 Merkel expresses ‘shame’ during Auschwitz visit, vows to fight anti-Semitism
2019/12/06 Slain Maltese reporter lived in fear, family says
2019/12/06 US to restart Taliban talks after Trump green light
2019/12/06 Three killed including shooter at US Navy base in Pensacola, Florida
2019/12/06 Thailand detains wife, children of Rakhine insurgent group leader
2019/12/06 Vulnerable Democrats in US Congress eager to move beyond impeachment
2019/12/06 Jurors expected to begin deliberating in Elon Musk defamation trial
2019/12/06 US lawmakers work to settle on articles of impeachment against Trump
2019/12/06 WHO decries ‘collective failure’ as measles kills 140,000
2019/12/06 Top Indonesia graft buster warns on risk of spike in corruption
2019/12/06 Activist Thunberg completes intercontinental dash to Madrid climate summit
2019/12/06 Transport chaos as strike against Macron reforms enters day two
2019/12/06 ‘Mega fire’ forms north of Sydney
2019/12/06 China imposes ‘reciprocal’ restrictions on US diplomats
2019/12/06 US says Iran may have killed more than 1,000 in recent protests
2019/12/06 US considering troop boost to counter Iran
2019/12/06 Sumatran tiger kills farmer in Indonesia
2019/12/06 Trump trial to sideline senators in presidential race
2019/12/06 Pyongyang raises 'dotard' spectre as deadline looms
2019/12/06 Blind man executed in US for killing ex-girlfriend
2019/12/06 Indiana judge grants stay of execution for federal inmate